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MAFS: Jules Robinson from Australia celebrates body positivity and weight loss

Jules Robinson, who appears on Married At First Sight Australia season 6, shares his exciting weight loss, body positivity, and career on Jenny Craig.

Jules Robinson, featured at Married at first sight season 6 in Australia, she shared about her joyous journey as she embraces her body and celebrates weight loss. Married in 2019, the MAFS The pair have managed to overcome the obstacles that many couples face in the series, embracing the love and chaos of arranged marriages. Passionate from the start, Jules and Cam have survived adversity, forming a lasting marriage despite walking down the aisle as strangers on national television. As one of the most beloved couples of MAFS In history, Jules and Cam Merchant remain one of the best success stories that the experts have seen so far in the series.

Currently succeeding in their marriage and now raising their son, Oliver Chase, the reality TV couple have continued to celebrate their love connection and family life, both in their personal lives and on their family-focused social media accounts. While many couples crashed and burned during Married at first sight Australia Season 6, both Jules and Cam went into the process, focusing on the deeper and less superficial issues of their marriage. With many distractions and the notorious adultery between Jessika Power and Dan Webb, Jules and Cam remained collected amid the controversy.

According to Yahoo, Jules shared her reaction to her impressive weight loss and how she found her body positivity again after the birth of her son and her time in MAFS. Almost 40 years old, Jules was “larceny“Herself because of the progress she made during her body transformation and the achievement of joining Jenny Craig’s team. Talking about her past struggles to feel satisfied with her health and weight, Jules positively expressed that she has done so. “a commitment to regain control of [her] Health” Y “couldn’t be happier than where you are now“In his life, both emotionally and physically. With a strong marriage, a flourishing family, and a healthier lifestyle, Jules has used her time off screen to make a number of positive changes in her life, both for herself and her family.

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Despite the negative news surrounding MAFS Recently, specifically regarding the divorce of Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus, Jules and Cam remind viewers of the positivity and genuine love discovered on the reality series. With a flourishing career, constant updates on his Instagram dedicated to his son (@babycubandladylumps) and a stronger connection to Cam than ever, Jules has already started 2022 with inspiring motivation. While the series prides itself on the drama and fallout between couples, especially compared to the American version of the series, Jules and Cam have changed the series’ narrative for the better.

Returning in January, audiences, both Australian and American, can prepare for another dramatic group of couples joining the MAFS Australian season 9 cast. With the new series Married at First Sight: Afterparty In the works and more American couples to watch too, fans of the reality series have plenty of binge-worthy content to stream with the rise of the pandemic. While divorce has dominated last-day decisions in recent seasons of Married at first sight, Jules and Cam have regained some confidence in the experts and in the unconventional matchmaking process.

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