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Creator of Wordle, the viral game, says it will not have commercial ads | Levelup

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In the video game industry it is always interesting to see cases of indies that manage to be very successful, such as Among Us, The Fall Guys. The new year started precisely with one of these viral hits and even simpler, Wordle. Well, a great success like the one you are having Wordle it could be capitalized and generate a lot of profit through advertisements. However, incredible as it may seem, its creator has given up on this idea.

According to its creator, Josh Wardle, Wordle it is based on simplicity and was not expected to be so successful. Wardle, a reddit systems engineer, says that Wordle It started as a pun for him and his partner on a morning routine.

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¿Wordle will have ads? Its creator believes in simplicity and pure fun

It is common to find a way to monetize any free-to-play game and the easiest way is through in-game ads. However, that will not happen with Wordle, the new viral game on the Internet.

When being questioned in a program of the BBC about the possibility that Wordle receive commercial announcements, Wardle promised that the game will continue without announcements. In addition, the creator commented that he is not doing anything with user information either. “I don’t understand why something can’t just be fun. I don’t have to charge people for this and ideally I’d like to keep it that way,” Wardle said.

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Apparently, the programmer also has no plans to make a version of the game dedicated to mobile phones, since he believes that an application of this type always wants the attention of users, something that is not his intention. “I like the idea of ​​doing the opposite – how about a game that deliberately doesn’t want a lot of your attention? Wordle it’s very simple and you can play it in 3 minutes, and it’s all you have, “Wardle said.

Definitely, it is a very noble position and faithful to the convictions of the creator, especially in an industry in which in the slightest attempt it is sought to profit. While many welcome the free game, some believe there should be an optional way to reward Wardle’s efforts in some way, even though it’s a passion project.

What is it Wordle, the new world phenomenon?

In case you still don’t know what it is Wordle, we inform you that it is a browser game that debuted in October 2021 and gained a lot of popularity at the end of the year. Today the casual game is still very popular and people commonly share their results through their social networks.

The game, as we mentioned, is very simple. It consists of discovering a secret word of 5 letters assuming the characters that compose it. The player has 6 attempts to find the secret word. With each different 5 letter word you write, the game will tell you which letters are present in the secret word. The yellow boxes of the test word reveal that the letter is in the secret word, but in another box, while the green boxes indicate that that letter is in the final word in the same position.

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Thus, this game is a variation of the hangman game, which for its simplicity and fun has attracted casual players, who can only discover one new word a day. In this page you can play it.

What do you think of Wardle’s statements? You have played Wordle? Tell us in the comments.

Wordle is available for Internet browsers, in your Official site you can play it. You can find more news related to indies if you visit this page.

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