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Capcom will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Devil May Cry with a temporary store | Levelup

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In the middle of last year, Devil May Cry It turned 20 years since its original release on PlayStation 2, but unfortunately we were at a delicate point in the pandemic, so it could not be celebrated as the fans would have liked. The good news is that Capcom would not pass up the opportunity to celebrate with fans, which is why they just announced their plans to mark the anniversary.

Through Twitter, Capcom announced that it will partner with the prestigious manufacturing company of figures and statues Prime 1 Studio to operate a temporary store dedicated to the franchise. Devil May Cry.

The temporary store will feature merchandise produced by Prime 1 Studio specifically inspired by the demon hunter Dante, the protagonist of the series, and other key characters. According to the information, acrylic keychains and folders with chibi designs (from the Cutie1 line of Prime 1 Studio) of Dante will be sold with the appearance that he has in the different deliveries, as well as his characteristic weapons.

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Image: Prime 1 Studio, Capcom

Visit the store Devil May Cry it will be something complicated

Visitors will also be able to find chibi figures of Dante, Vergil, Nero and V in the store and it will be possible to see the great statues that Prime 1 Studio has created of the franchise, as well as garments inspired by the series, which were provided by WEAREVERWiz.

The bad news is that this store will only be available in Tokyo, Japan (Prime 1 Studio store at Shinjuku Marui Annex), from January 15 to February 28, so fans from the West will have to visit this eastern country to shop. products for sale. However, images with part of the merchandise that will be there have already been revealed and you can see it below.

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In case you missed it: creative behind Devil May Cry thanked fans for their support over the past 20 years.

All these collectibles will be in the temporary store of Devil May Cry

What did you think of this celebration of the 20th anniversary of Devil May Cry? Tell us in the comments.

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