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A new PlayStation event is coming up soon and they say it could be a big one | Levelup

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2022 has just begun, but rumors related to the world of video games have already started to arrive. Like it or not, this is a situation that we are familiar with and that all enthusiasts want to know a little about what is coming to our favorite consoles and platforms in the future.

Without a doubt, one company that the community wants to know more about is PlayStation. Although in the first half of the year it will seek to delight with releases such as Horizon Forbidden West Y Gran Turismo 7, the reality is that little is known about their plans for the second quarter of 2022

Does God of War: Ragnarök will it arrive then? Did the remake of The Last of Us it is real? These are questions that, so far, remain unresolved and the community wants answers. This type of information is usually reserved by Sony for its events. For this reason, many will be thrilled to learn that according to a couple of insiders, a new PlayStation-focused broadcast could be near.

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A new Sony event could be held in February

Recently, AccountNGT, A well-known insider commented on Twitter that he heard that a new PlayStation event will arrive at the beginning of the year. Later, he assured that Tom Henderson, another insider, confirmed that the PlayStation event will be held soon and even described it as an “open secret.”

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For his part, Henderson posted a tweet in which he noted that everything indicates that the Sony event could be held in February. Thus, we would be a matter of weeks before this event is revealed and celebrated by PlayStation.

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An important point is that Tom Henderson ensures that the next Sony event will be a State of Play. If you usually tune in to these broadcasts, you know very well that they are not strange to disappoint the community by leaving them wanting more. For this reason we do not blame you if you prefer to take things in measure if the event is confirmed.

That said, we should also note that while it will be a State of Play, Henderson believes it has the potential to be a big one. Is it true? Only time will tell. Likewise, we recommend that you keep the hype low so that any disappointment is as minor as possible.

Should I believe this information about a new State of Play?

Now the question that remains is, should I believe this information? As always, we invite you to take it a common grain of salt since it is unofficial. With that said, the note comes from Tom Henderson, who has proven trustworthy in the past. For its part, AccountNGT leaked information about Star Wars Eclipse with precision. Of course, that does not mean that they are infallible sources.

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Another point that points to the possibility of a new State of Play is that since October 2021 there has not been an event of this type. For the last year, Sony held State of Play every 2-3 months, so one in late January or early February would make sense.

At LEVEL UP we will stay tuned and will inform you when we have more news about this alleged State of Play.

What do you think about this new? Are you excited about the possibility of a new video game event? Tell us in the comments.

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