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A man in the United States was arrested for stealing Pokémon cards | Levelup

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Sometimes the desire of a fan of any franchise to want more items for their collection can be dangerous. A good example of this is a follower of Pokémon that he was arrested in the United States for stealing some of the popular cards in the series.

It is no surprise that Pokémon It has become a worldwide phenomenon that seems like it will never stop; And a good way to show it is what their collectible cards have caused, which have been the protagonists of different problems where people do whatever it takes to get them.

It is still difficult to get the Pokémon cards

Now, it has just been made public that Eric, a Florida man, went too far to get the valuable cards, as he decided to steal 68 packages of them on December 29.

Because of this, the unfortunate fan of the saga was arrested outside the retail store where he carried out the robbery, and merchandise valued at almost $ 650 USD ($ 13,650 MXN approximately) was recovered.

No one escapes from Officer Jenny
No one escapes from Officer Jenny

According to information shared by the Police Department, the 23-year-old had stolen part of the letters and went to the store’s bathroom, where he removed them from their wrapping, put them in his pocket and escaped on a first visit.

However, and not being satisfied with what was obtained, the alleged criminal returned to the same store 5 days later to attempt another robbery with the same process, but this time an employee noticed his suspicious behavior and notified the police.

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It is worth mentioning that the details about the sentence of this man have not yet been shared, although there is no doubt that his time collecting letters Pokémon it will stop for now.

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