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22 games of 2022 – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel has been seeking to repeat the success of its film productions in the world of video games for years, and one of the keys to achieving this is diversification. It is logical that most of the developers are oriented to the action in the third person, but to reach the entire market it is necessary to touch other genres. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is one more piece in this plan by take comic book characters to the back end of entertainment.

Marvel’s XCOM

  • Study: Firaxis Games
  • Publishing company: 2K Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: second half of 2022

Even if Marvel’s Midnight Suns not be a mere mod of XCOMFrom the beginning this has been the most recurrent analogy for sharing study and orienting itself to the tactical role. A refreshing game within the Marvel licenses that includes multiple superheroes from The Avengers, Midnight Sons, Runaways and the X-Men. That is, our main character will be Hunter, an original character to edit in appearance that will have 40 different powers to define your style of play.

Midnight Suns bet on a turn-based combat similar to the one mentioned XCOM but add a base of operations called Abada where you can explore, chat with the classic heroes and know side stories that they delve into this universe; interactions with them will influence the gameplay and their abilities. There we can create ties with Iron Man, Blade and Captain Marvel, among many other familiar faces from comics and the big screen, strengthen ties, participate in daily activities and decide how to spend free time. We will spend hours in this central world developing Hunter and the companions.

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Our objective: to stop the plans of Hydra, who has awakened Lilith, mother of demons, with the intention of reviving the evil Lord Chthon; Hunter is its offspring and the only one who will be able to face the threat. Marvel’s Midnight Suns search for “the darker side of Marvel”So we can expect a slightly different tone from other games we’ve seen with these characters.

As for the gameplay, add a random component through cards, which dictate the character’s abilities, and in each turn we can use action points to move, steal new abilities, spend cards and use objects. Superheroes have Wolverine recognizable abilities being offensive, others will target healing powers- while Hunter enjoy great flexibility to combine different strategies. Separately they have finishers, in combination they carry out devastating attacks.

In addition, the environment inspired by key locations in the Marvel world – will also be decisive during games. Be possible to interact with gas tanks, flimsy walls and other traps embedded in the streets and rooftops of New York, in the Avengers tower, the secret bases of Hydra, deserts and even the underworld.

Different, and that’s the most promising

Both for the genre chosen and for its template, which covers well-known characters from the comic Dr. Extrao, Iron Man, Ghost Rider- to other less popular Nico, Inferno, Magik-, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is shaping up to be one of the possible surprises of 2022, especially since outside of mobile devices It’s not that common to see Marvel heroes in anything other than pure action.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is one of the games m

A game intended for a minority? Maybe not. 2K Games wants to make a blockbuster and they have made it clear that it will be a very spectacular and cinematic strategy game, an experience that has not been done before with turn-based tactical RPGs. Added to the undeniable appeal of the license, Firaxis could make the game a much greater success than we have seen with XCOM.

22 games of 2022

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