Monday, November 28

Windjammers 2, your video creation process • Console and Dashboard

As planned, Windjammers 2 It will arrive on January 20 to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. To liven up the already short wait, Dotemu releases a video of almost half an hour, reviewing the development of this installment.


This presentation, in video format, is defined as a documentary that allows us to know how the development process has been. His own team discovers the ins and outs, accompanying anecdotes and testimonies of different material, such as demonstrations of his first prototypes.

As they point out, the mission is to offer players the best possible experience. What is defined as the evolution of an arcade will allow us to compete in intense matches, with a disc in between. It will use two-dimensional animations, drawn by hand.

The perfect battlefield promises to arrive by combining simple mechanics with enough depth. Dotemu reminds us that we are facing a title more than suitable for eSports, with its tense tournaments. Of course, it is also intended for casual matches between friends.

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