Friday, November 25

What is the best Final Fantasy game? We review in video the 15 games of the saga

The saga Final Fantasy turns 35 in December 2022 and may celebrate it throughout the year with the launch of Final Fantasy XVI. Throughout these more than three decades, 15 main titles of the saga have come out, leaving aside remakes such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, spin-offs What Final Fantasy Tactics or other similar derivatives.

In this video, we order the 15 games in the series from worst to best, including the first three from NES, the next three from SNES, the three from PS One, those from PS2 and those from the last generation of consoles, in addition to the two online installments (XI and XIV), which have ended up coming out in numerous systems.

The Square Enix saga has also been in the news this week for an alleged leak in which it ensures that another Final Fantasy exclusive to the PS5 console is being prepared.

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