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Twitch Banned Pokimane Apparently For Following One Of The Platform’s Trends | Levelup

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Twitch continues to be the main platform for streaming content both for video games and in general. It features content creators such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys, who has millions of subscribers and is very active. Unfortunately, there is bad news for her followers, as the young woman was banned.

Pokimane, like many other days, on Friday, January 7, 2022, the streamer was broadcasting on Twitch and with great success, well, according to Twitchtracker, the streamer had 25,000 users watching her broadcast.

However, the streamer, who has more than 8.5 million followers, was banned that same night, which is why she stopped broadcasting. At the exact moment when all this happened, it was not known for sure what had happened, but then the content creator clarified the situation.

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Why was Pokimane banned?

Everything seemed to indicate that Pokimane received a ban for broadcasting the cartoon Avatar the last Airbender to tens of thousands of users at the same time that reacted to chapter, something that has become a trend on Twitch. This seemed to be confirmed after Pokimane commented on Twitter that the Fire Nation attacked, a meme of Avatar which made clear reference to the fact that there were problems with the transmission.

The good news is that the ban was temporary, since the content creator confirmed that its suspension will be 2 days from the moment it received the ban, but assured that it is already preparing a 12-hour return stream, scheduled for On Monday in the morning.

Although he did not confirm it, everything seems to indicate that the ban was due to a copyright claim or DMCA strike, something common on the platform that occurs when the streams include copyrighted content that is shared without permission, such as songs or material audiovisual. This often happens by mistake, so the banning is a warning or temporary punishment so that content creators do not do it again.

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However, copyright banning is happening more frequently on Twitch due to the new trend of content creators sharing some series, anime or other content to which they react at the same time. This is a total or partial reproduction of the material, so some companies that own said content report the event to Twitch, and apparently this is what happened with Viacom (owner of the franchise Avatar).

It is important to mention that Twitch has already warned that reacting to movies, series or anime is something very delicate on the platform and could lead to banning, so it will be interesting how the community will continue with this trend after the banning of one of the main creators of content. Also, we remind you that this is not the first time that a new Twitch trend has caused problems.

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