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They say that FromSoftware is already working on a sequel to this popular IP | Levelup

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FromSoftware is currently working on the final details for the release of THE FIRE RING, which will hit consoles and PC on February 24. There is good news for fans of the studio in the hands of Hidetaka Miyazaki, as it seems they already have another great project on their hands.

According to insiders, FromSoftware is also busy creating the next installment of a popular franchise that started its way on PlayStation many years ago. We refer to Armored Core, series recognized for its action and mecha fighting.

According to recent clues, the company is preparing a new iteration of the saga and, supposedly, several people have already had the opportunity to see material from the game, such as screenshots and videos. Everything indicates that, if the report is accurate, we would be talking about the sixth main installment of the IP.

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FromSoftware prepares a new Armored Core, according to informants

Red Liquorice, user of resetera, shared interesting details on what would be FromSoftware’s next big project: an unannounced installment of Armored Core. The source assures that the company conducted a survey among its consumers where it gave specific details of the game.

It is said that he shared information about the history of the game, some captures and 2 videos. One of the objectives of the survey is for fans to help choose a definitive title for the game.

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Red Liquorice ensures that among the options was Armored Core, Armored Core 6, Armored Core VI and other variants with subtitles that you don’t remember. He also mentions that some alternatives completely dispensed with the classic name of the saga.

“I just finished doing a consumer survey on a new game of Armored Core with description, screenshots and 2 videos of 30 seconds of the game: the first is a fight against bosses and the second gameplay in the world, a snowy area, “said the informant.

He also mentioned that the game is described as an action title with mech and third person shooter that will take place on a large map. In addition, it highlighted the science fiction elements of his world, created by Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Lastly, Red Liquorice stated that the fighting and clashes in general reminded him a bit of the Souls formula. As of this writing, FromSoftware has not officially revealed a new installment in the franchise, so this information is a rumor for now.

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While we know more about it, we invite you to visit this link to learn more about FromSoftware and its games.

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