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Then? Days Gone Director Generates Confusion About Game’s Actual Sales | Levelup

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In recent days, the controversy was generated around Days Gone after Jeff Ross, game director and former member of BEND Studio, revealed that this title also sold 8 million copies, 1 million more considering PC, but for PlayStation and studio management they were embarrassing numbers, in a situation opposite to what what happened with Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch. The statements escalated immediately and it wasn’t long before Jeff Ross was invited to the show by David Jaffe, the controversial creator of God of War, where the subject of sales was touched upon, which ended up generating many doubts.

8, 9 … how many million does it take Days Gone?

During Jeff Ross’s participation in the David Jaffe show, the director of Days Gone spoke about his statement that the game had sold over 9 million copies. Initially, the creative mentioned that the number was not officially obtained from Sony. Later, he pointed out that the figure had been taken as an estimate according to the data provided by the deceased site Gamestat, which presented figures related to the obtaining of trophies and number of players, not sales of copies, so it was a record that includes copies sold, copies obtained in PS Plus, rented, etc. With this statement, Ross raised doubts about the true number of copies that he has sold. Days Gone, although it is not expected to be very short of what he said.

After generating more controversy with his “clarification”, Jeff Ross published on his Twitter account that he is sure with the figures he gave regarding Days Gone, so from his perspective it should be above 9 million.

This statement by Jeff Ross adds to the list of controversial posts he has made since leaving Sony. It is worth mentioning that during the talk he had with David Jaffe, the creative assured that BEND Studio intended to reboot Syphon Filter, also to take Resistance in an open world proposal, but in the end PlayStation did not approve any project, the same situation that it experienced with the sequel proposal of Days Gone.

Thus, the uncertainty will remain above Days Gone, a game and franchise that was shaping up to be one of the new PlayStation classics, but which apparently did not give the width and is no longer in the orbit of the company.

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Days Gone is available on PlayStation 4 and in this link you will find all the related information, as well as our written review.

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