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Sony technology would allow real objects to be scanned and taken to games | Levelup

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Sony revealed more details this week on the PlayStation VR2, its upcoming virtual reality device designed for the PlayStation 5. An interesting patent has just come to light that appears to be related to the company’s hardware and plans for virtual reality.

The documents contain information about an eye-catching technology that Sony is working on to offer something special to gamers. According to the details, this would allow scanning objects from reality to take them to virtual worlds, that is, to video games.

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Scan real objects and take them to games? Sony wants to make it happen

According to the patents, Sony wants to offer gamers the ability to create virtual objects from real things. This through a scanning process that would later allow the objects to be inserted into games or simulated environments.

It is known that the technology was originally patented in the summer of 2021, but recently there was a review and Sony had to offer more information on this proposal to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The documents in question show a drawing where the scanning of a complete lamp is proposed to later take it to a virtual environment. For this, a complete 360 ​​° scan of the object would have to be done and not simply take a photograph of the object.

The technology is believed to be related to virtual reality and the use of a special sensor. For this reason, the possibility that it is linked to PlayStation VR2 is being considered, but for now there is nothing confirmed.

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On the other hand, the patent has not been approved and there is no guarantee that its proposal will materialize in the future. Below is an image that shows some details.

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PlayStation VR2 does not have a release date yet. Look for more news about the Sony device at this link.

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