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PUBG Mobile: Krafton wins lawsuit and hackers will pay $ 10 million in damages | Levelup

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It is increasingly rare to hear of an online title that is not riddled with cheats or that suffers from certain players gaining an advantage in unauthorized ways. Unfortunately, the community of PUBG Mobile has been a victim of these problems, so Tencent and Krafton have worked to combat them with firm steps.

The companies just won a major victory in their strategy to take down cheaters, as they won a lawsuit against a group of hackers that distributed tools that ruined the gaming experience in Battle Royale.

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Krafton and Tencent triumph over hackers PUBG Mobile

Federal courts in the United States and Germany ruled in favor of Krafton and Tencent, as they ordered the group of hackers to pay a millionaire sum for selling and distributing cheats to PUBG Mobile.

Thanks to this, the studios will receive $ 10 million for all damages. They claimed that this is a great victory for the video game industry and its constant fight against cheaters and hackers.

Things do not end there, as the defendants must also stop all their activities, classified as illegal, and reveal their projects related to PUBG Mobile, the creation of traps and their sale.

Krafton and Tencent gave the players good news, as they confirmed that all the money obtained from this conflict will be used to develop anti-cheat technology for the Battle Royale.

“Millions of players around the world enjoy PUBG Mobile and we will ensure a fair playing field for all. Unfortunately, the actions of the hacker groups undermine the fairness of the game. These failures send a clear message that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG Mobile“Said Rick Li, producer of the game and member of Tencent Games.

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PUBG Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices. Visit this link for more news about the Battle Royale.

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