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Novak Djokovic case, live: Tested positive for coronavirus in December

La cancellation of Novak Djokovic’s visa by the Australian Government, Considering that he does not meet the requirements to enjoy a medical exemption and thus be able to enter the country and play in the Australian Open, he continues to talk. The world number 1 tennis player is still being held in his Melbourne hotel pending the resolution of the appeal filed by his lawyers against the withdrawal of his visa.

After announcing that he had been granted the medical exemption to be able to play the first big of the year, The world number 1 tennis player traveled to Australia without revealing if he had received the corresponding vaccination against COVID. A circumstance in which the border authorities acted denying Nole’s visa, beginning a deportation process that could be carried out in the next few hours.


10:15 Djokovic, spectator of Barcelona in the Euroleague, two days before testing positive

Djokovic’s lawyers have made it official that ATP number 1 tested positive for coronavirus in a PCR carried out on December 16. In this way they want to justify the exemption initially granted to Djokovic. Just two days before that positive, ‘Nole’ attended the Euroleague match between Red Star and Barcelona at the foot of the court.

Furthermore, the day after that PCR, Djokovic posted on his account the images of the event he attended when the act of presentation of the stamp by the Serbian postal service.

9:45 AM Djokovic tested positive for COVID-19 in December, according to his lawyers

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic received a medical exemption to enter Australia after contracting COVID-19 last December, according to their lawyers through a court document. “The date of the first positive PCR test for covid was recorded on December 16, 2021 “, points out the document cited by the Australian media.

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“Mr. Djokovic had received, on December 30, 2021, a letter from the Medical Director of Tennis Australia, stating that he had been provided with a ‘medical exemption from covid vaccination’ because he had recently recovered from covid,” he notes. the court document. The lawyers point out that “at that time, 14 days had passed since the positive PCR test and that the tennis player” had not had a fever or respiratory symptoms of covid-19 “in the previous 72 hours.

9:40. Surfer Kelly Slater’s controversial reaction: “Maybe you’re angry about getting vaccinated”

Kelly Slater, eleven-time world champion of surfing, wanted to express his opinion on the cancellation of the visa to Novak Djokovic by the Australian authorities and has once again put on record his opposition to vaccines: “Perhaps Stockholm Syndrome can be renamed Melbourne / Australia Syndrome. It is very sad to see how the vaccinated ‘virtuous’ celebrate the division.

Slater has questioned the efficacy of vaccines and a few months ago he even said that the coronavirus was a disease that affected “the obese, the sick and the elderly.”

9:15. Djokovic’s fans show their support

The The exteriors of the hotel where Novak Djokovic is located continue to be a meeting point for many fans who want to show their support for the number 1 of the ATP. With Serbian flags, drums, banners and megaphones, they have gathered again to not only send encouragement to Djokovic but also to protest the decision of the Australian authorities.

8:45 Voracova leaving Australia following cancellation of her visa

Czech tennis player Renata Vorcov, leave Australia “as soon as possible” after the authorities canceled her visa that she had obtained despite not being fully vaccinated thanks to a medical exemption.

Vorcov, who had been in Australia since December and had already played a preparation match prior to the Australian Open, She was arrested on Thursday and transferred to a hotel in the city of Melbourne, as confirmed by the embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra

8:25 Tennis Australia asked in November for an exemption for unvaccinated players

The The Australian Tennis Federation warned last November that the viability of the Australian Open depend on whether players who had not been vaccinated could enter the country to compete in the tournament.

In the letter written by the head of Tennis Australia, Craig Tiley, The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) – in which Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is not named – requested that players with a recent COVID-19 infection or a single dose of the vaccine could be exempted from the rules of immigration that require that people who come to the country be fully vaccinated.

“The treatment of players who fall into one of these categories is critical to the viability of the Australian Open“wrote Tiley,

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