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New record for ‘speedrun’ in The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: 2 minutes and 33 seconds

The community of speedrunners He continues to impress with his game-finishing records, both those who take advantage of game bugs and those who just focus on mastering their systems. The new record set in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion makes use of those glitches, but that does not mean that it is quite an achievement to have finished the RPG of Bethesda Game Studios in two minutes and 33 seconds. According to How Long to Beat, the players take on average 28 hours to finish the story principal.

The record, spread by the medium Exputer, this was marked January 6th for him speedrunner “Karsto”, who has demonstrated the feat on his YouTube channel (you can see the video under this paragraph). “Karsto” has exceeded the previous time by a single second. On December 31, 2021 the speedrunner “Dezmone” managed to complete the game of Oblivion in 2:34 minutes. Explain how he did this in the comments on his YouTube video.

The record takes advantage glitches to escape the limits of the levels

“You can get out of bounds by doing wall clipping. The game tries to push you back to the limits after you drop enough, but the developers did their best with this and you can end up falling infinitely if you’re not careful, “warns the user. speedrunner. “Opening the door and pausing the game triggers a glitch called loadwarping, in which you can load the character of a save different through the door instead of the character you are currently playing. ”

“We found that if you load a saved game whose character is sitting, you can transfer XYZ coordinates of that character too. This puts us out of bounds in both loadwarps. In the sewers, I’m already too far below the level, so by swimming towards the exit, I can go back to the limits, “he continues.

There is a part of gameplay in which the screen goes black. “Dezmone” explains that at that moment he is saving and loading game quickly: “You can use this at certain times to skip most of the escortFrom there, use a technique called Dragonfire skip or DFS that allows you to access the are you final.

“In the last main mission, the gates of the Imperial City are changed to an identical gate when the city is affected by the attack of the Daedra “, details the speedrunner. “For some reason, You can access one of these doors by doing clipping on the wall. This jump has been known since 2007, but getting there quickly was a problem until a few years later, when the clipping of walls became the norm. “

For the most curious, according to the world record of Oblivion without taking advantage of glitches that allow you to get out of the levels is in 23 minutes and 1 second, also achieved by user “Karsto”.

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