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How to join a club in the Clubhouse app

Clubhouse has been on everyone’s lips lately. It has earned a great reputation for its innovation and creativity. As an audio chat app, it gives you a completely different experience compared to most social media platforms that focus on text and images.

To communicate, you must either join or create a room, but all rooms are within clubs. So how can one join a club? Or how can you create one and invite members?

In this article, we’ll show you how to join a club in the Clubhouse and answer a series of questions to help you understand what the platform offers.

What is a club?

A club is an interest-based group that works much like a Facebook group. Bring together users with a common interest. This could be anything from computers, mobile devices, agriculture, space technology, to cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity, and much more.

Club members enjoy a number of benefits. They can create or join rooms to start conversations, select speakers, search for current members, and even nominate new members. They can also host events and notify members in advance via an in-app calendar.

How to join a club in the clubhouse

As a new service, Clubhouse has yet to develop a detailed operations manual. In addition, some of the tools, for the moment, are not freely accessible to all users.

Currently, there is no way to join a club. However, all existing clubs allow you to follow them. When you start following a club, you will receive notifications of all upcoming public events.

A club directory is another tool that is still in the works. At the moment, you cannot see all the available clubs at a glance. However, there are several ways to discover clubs:

  • Open the profiles of other users to see the clubs they have joined.
  • Check scheduled events on the calendar.
  • Scroll through your feed to see club events taking place in real time.
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Additional FAQs

1. Why has the clubhouse become so popular?

Clubhouse offers a different user experience compared to other social media platforms. While others focus on text and images, Clubhouse gives you the opportunity to communicate via audio. It’s a lot like a podcast, but it also gives you the opportunity to participate and share your thoughts with others.

The clubhouse has become so popular because various celebrities and tech moguls are already using it. We are talking about public figures like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and many others. This has created quite a stir on the platform as fans strive to at least listen to their favorite celebrity or even interact with them one on one.

Plus, Clubhouse lets you get rid of some of the formalities found on other platforms.

For example, you can choose not to upload a profile photo. Also, you don’t need to worry about how it looks because you will never have to use your camera. In the words of the app’s founders, “You can talk in the Clubhouse while folding clothes, nursing, traveling, working on your couch in the basement, or going for a run.”

Another reason Clubhouse is gaining users fast is that there are no limits on themes. Anything goes. You are free to talk about whatever you have in mind. However, there are certain community guidelines that must be followed.

Finally, the friendly user interface of the application has been a great success. Even as a new user, you can browse and view current users, rooms, live events, and more.

2. Can I create a club in the clubhouse?

For the moment, forming a club is not easy. You will need to complete and submit a Club application form. You will then have to wait in line while the approval team reviews your application. In fact, the app developers are aware that there are many club applications under review and they have had to prioritize approval of existing club membership over new club creation requests.

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If you are wondering if there is a way to get your club application approved much faster, you will be pleased to know that being more active in existing clubs can help. If you can host a few weekly shows, even better.

3. Does Clubhouse work on iOS?

Clubhouse is currently exclusively an iOS app. With any iOS device, you can download the app. However, you need an invitation from an existing user to start using the application. As a new user, you will receive two invitations.

But you can earn more invitations by being more active on the platform.

If you download the app and try to register, you will be put on a waiting list for an indefinite period.

4. Does Clubhouse work on Android?

Unfortunately, Clubhouse does not work on Android devices at this time. An Android version of the app is said to be in the works, but there is no official release date yet.

5. How does the clubhouse work?

The clubhouse connects people through audio. Once you receive an invitation and join, you can listen to live conversations in the rooms or even start your own. You can enter and leave the rooms as you wish without restriction.

You’re connected to friends and other people that you may not have interacted with before. The topic of discussion can be anything: stories, debates, questions, and more.

6. How do you invite someone to join your club?

If you are a club administrator or founder, you can easily invite someone to join your club. To do so, tap on the ‘Mail’ icon and then select ‘Invite people’.

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You will then be asked to enter your phone number. Their invitations will receive a link asking them to download and install the application to register.

7. How many invitations do you receive at the clubhouse?

As soon as you register, you will receive two invitations. You can earn more by being more active in the rooms and by hosting at least once a week.

8. What is an invitation to the clubhouse?

A Clubhouse invite is a link that is sent to phone numbers to help new members join the platform. An invite link instructs you to download and install the Clubhouse app. Once installed, you can register and access different clubs and rooms.

9. What is the Clubhouse application used for?

Clubhouse is an audio chat application. It is about the spoken word. It helps people communicate with other people around the world. You can host or join a conversation.

Have fun!

Starting or joining a club in the Clubhouse opens up new opportunities to discuss new topics and meet like-minded users. It is an ideal way to express yourself through extemporaneous conversations. It presents an opportunity to create rooms and start discussions on any topic of interest. And thanks to this article, you now know exactly what you need to do to join a club.

Have you already received an invitation to the clubhouse?

Let us know in the comment section.

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