Tuesday, November 29

Heaven Dust 2 Debuts on PC and Switch • Console and Dashboard

Heaven Dust 2 It is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch. Indienova and One Gruel Studio bring us a tribute to the first titles of the saga Resident Evil. It is developed only by two people.


This novelty is accompanied by its corresponding presentation trailer. It allows us to know the one that is presented as a tribute to the classic adventures of horror and survival.

In a combination between action, exploration, resource management and puzzles, the plot starts in a cryogenic capsule. We wake up trapped in a “living hell.” The mission? Escape without being grass of the zombies.

We will move through a mysterious world, optimizing resources in the best possible way, in a ten-hour adventure. As a curiosity, the weapons will not take up space in the inventory, so we can organize it in an efficient way.

The combat system It has been improved with respect to the first title. We will have a dagger, a submachine gun, a shotgun and grenades. Decision-making and boss spawning complete a customizable experience with three difficulty levels: Casual, Normal, and Expert.


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