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Greta Gerwig’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Greta Gerwig has been a rising star in Hollywood. Here are her top 10 movies as an actress and director, according to critics at Rotten Tomatoes.

Mumblecore’s darling Greta Gerwig has gone smoothly from actress to director in the last few years of her career. A sincere and relatable performer, her most notable acting credits include the lead role in Frances Ha and providing one of the many voices in Wes Anderson Isle of Dogs.

Her solo directorial debut Lady bird Gerwig earned him two Academy Award nominations, including the fifth Academy Award nomination for Best Director for a Woman. She followed this movie with her version of the beloved novel. Little woman, winning a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 92nd Academy Awards. As an actress and filmmaker, Gerwig has created magic in front of and behind the camera. But which 10 movies have the highest critics on Rotten Tomatoes?

10 Devil’s House (2009) – 85%

In The house of the devil, Ti West’s tribute to the horror films of the eighties, Gerwig plays Megan, the friend of the film’s protagonist, Samantha Hughes. In need of money, Samantha takes a babysitting job in an isolated mansion and when creepy things start to happen, the young woman must fight for her survival.

Megan’s fate in the movie is common to many horror movie characters, but it’s still shocking. Both West and Gerwig have roles in the Joe Swanberg films and use elements of the mumblecore subgenre in their own films. While West dominated mumblegore with his horror movies, Gerwig elevated mumblecore to new heights.

9 Nights and weekends (2008) – 85%

Gerwig co-wrote and co-directed this basic mumblecore with Joe Swanberg, one of his most frequent collaborators early in his career. The duo plays Mattie and James, the long-distance couple at the center of Nights and weekends. As they love each other, the tension mounts and complications arise as the two live separate lives in Chicago and New York.

A nuanced, realistic look at the creation and deterioration of a long-distance romance, Nights and weekends marks the second film Gerwig co-wrote with Swanberg, after 2007 Hannah takes the stairs. Her candid portrayal as Mattie is one of the best in her acting career and shows why she was a prominent element in the mumblecore movement.

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8 Maggie’s Plan (2015) – 86%

In Maggie’s plan, Gerwig plays the titular twenty-something who wants to have a baby. After falling in love with John, a married writer played by Ethan Hawke, the two have a son and are married. Three years later, Maggie has put everything aside for her son and her marriage, leaving her feeling dissatisfied.

He decides to reunite John with his ex-wife, played by a wonderful Julianne Moore. Like many other Gerwig characters, Maggie is a genuine person whose kind heart helps ground this dramatic modern madness. With Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader in supporting roles, Maggie’s plan features charming entertainers and an offbeat take on romantic comedy.

7 Jackie (2016) – 87%

Gerwig plays Nancy Tuckerman, the Kennedy administration’s White House social secretary and Jackie Kennedy’s childhood friend, in Pablo Larraín. Jackie. Natalie Portman plays the tragic First Lady in the first days after her husband’s murder in 1963. Like Jackie, Portman gives one of the best performances of her career and won a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress.

Like Nancy, Gerwig is as honest and warm on screen as she is in real life. Jackie’s dear friend Nancy took her role in the White House and the life of the First Lady seriously. Biopic of Princess Diana de Larraín Spencer has won awards similar to those of Jackieand star Kristen Stewart has already received nominations at the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards.

6 Women of the 20th century (2016) – 88%

2016 was a great year for Gerwig as an actress. Along with a supporting role in Jackie, also starred in Mike Mills’ semi-autobiographical drama Twentieth century women. The film set in the 1970s follows Annette Bening as a single mother who enlists the help of her teenage neighbor, Elle Fanning, and one of her principles, Gerwig, in raising and connecting with her 15-year-old son.

Gerwig’s Abigail Porter is a punk artist battling cervical cancer and one of Gerwig’s most complex roles. She takes her pseudo-parenting role seriously and teaches Jamie about the feminist movement. Mills used his childhood as inspiration, 20th century women flourishing from the filmmaker’s experiences as a teenager in Southern California. His screenplay earned a nomination for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

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5 Isle of Dogs (2018) – 90%

In his first collaboration with Wes Anderson, Gerwig plays a supporting role in the author’s second stop-motion animated film, Isle of Dogs. She lends her voice to Tracy Walker, an American exchange student who is close to the film’s central conflict. When a young Japanese man arrives on the island of the title, a group of local dogs join him on his journey to reunite with his beloved pet.

During her time in this dystopian Japan, Tracy de Gerwig becomes a pro-dog activist and the love interest of the film’s human protagonist, Atari. Anderson earned her second Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film, and Gerwig’s voice work earned her a Best Female Animation nomination from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

4 Frances Ha (2012) – 92%

His most famous collaboration with Noah Baumbach, Gerwig co-wrote and starred in the 2012 film. Frances Ha. This black and white drama about dealing with lack of direction in early adulthood made Gerwig a star, the actress who received a Golden Globe nomination.

Frances de Gerwig is a 27-year-old dancer in distress whose life in New York City goes through a variety of changes after a fight with her best friend, Sophie. For most of Frances Ha, the titular dancer teeters on the line of becoming a full-fledged adult, finally embracing her burgeoning independence at the end of the film. A fantastic coming-of-age drama, no surprise Frances Ha it is one of Gerwig’s best films.

3 Little Women (2019) – 95%

Gerwig earned the third Oscar nomination of his career for his version of Louisa May Alcott. Little woman. In the seventh film adaptation that follows the lives of the March sisters, Gerwig uses a non-linear timeline to bridge the past and present to create a unique version of the classic novel. This adaptation garnered a total of 6 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. The film’s costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, won the award for Best Costume Design.

Starring Gerwig’s muse, Saoirse Ronan, as Jo March, Little woman features an incredibly talented cast. The warm and genuine performances of rising stars Florence Pugh and Eliza Scanlen breathe new life into March’s two younger sisters, Amy and Beth. Another frequent Gerwig contributor, Timothée Chalamet, presents a charming, childlike version of neighbor Theodore “Laurie” Laurence. This movie was made with love, every frame that resembles an oil painting comes to life.

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2 Lady Bird (2017) – 99%

Lady birdGerwig’s solo directorial debut was a hit in awards season. The film received 3 Academy Award nominations, earning the star Saoirse Ronan the third nomination of her career at just 23 years old. Gerwig received nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director, becoming the fifth woman in Academy history to earn a nomination in the category. The film also competed for Best Picture.

A coming-of-age story centered on a Sacramento teenager and her difficult relationship with her mother, the semi-autobiographical film marks the first time Gerwig and Ronan worked together and is one of its star’s major films. Ronan won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the hotheaded and complicated Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson. But Laurie Metcalf’s heartbreaking portrayal of a mother who wants only the best for her children is truly standout performance by Lady bird, his silent walk through Sacramento, one of the most beautiful scenes in the movie.

1 LOL (2006) – 100%

Gerwig’s film debut, and his first time working with Joe Swanberg, is also his highest ranking on Rotten Tomatoes according to critics, earning 100% of 11 reviews. While the audience scores are not that favorable, Hahaha It remains an integral film in the mumblecore subgenre and its cast of non-professional actors create a new reality that is often not seen on screen.

The film explores the implications and impacts of technology on relationships and social interactions by following 3 recent Chicago college graduates who use different mediums to forge connections. Swanberg stars and writes Hahaha with his friends Kevin Bewersdorf and C. Mason Wells. Gerwig plays a supporting character named Greta who has a phone relationship with one of the men.

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