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Grand Theft Auto 6 would be announced in 2022 according to an ‘insider’ specialized in Rockstar

Rockstar Games announce their next game this year, according to a insider specialized in the company of Grand Theft Auto Y Red Dead Redemption. The user of GTA Forums “Tez2” (va ComicBook), usual filter of information on Rockstar Games games and especially the news of its games as a service, he adds that this title, supposedly Grand Theft Auto VI, will be launched in 2023.

In a message posted on December 31st, “Tez2” wrote in a thread of the aforementioned forum dedicated to speculation around GTA 6: “Since we are going to enter 2022, practically it is assumed that the next game will be announced in the new year. Following the Rockstar pattern with major titles, it is expected one release one year later“. The insider does not disclose where this information comes from and nor does it specifically mention that “next game” is the successor. from Grand Theft Auto V.

Six of rumors of GTA 6

The rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI began in 2016, three years after the launch of GTA 5 and two before the premiere of Red Dead Redemption 2, when Techradar stated that Rockstar had begun work (without specifying if it was pre-production) on the sixth installment in the series. The studio owned by Take-Two has never officially ruled on GTA 6, although its parent company left in May 2020 to deny that the game will be released in 2023, a conclusion that had been reached when analyzing the expense forecasts of the company itself.

Although various more or less credible information has emerged from GTA 6, in April 2020 the medium Kotaku published an article focused on cultural changes within Rockstar after speaking with several studio employees. There was talk of GTA 6, and it was mentioned that It will have a “moderate size” and that it will be expanding later with “regular updates”. Mind you, it was indicated to be in an “early development” phase.

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