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Franky: various hand-sewn characters • Console and Dashboard

This is the first time I have sewn anything in my entire life. I lie: the second. When I was five years old, we spent an entire afternoon at school sewing a paper doll. Of course, with a punch and pad underneath. There was a lot of clumsy loose.

I have good memories, although my fingers cannot say the same. Perhaps, the small dots on the buds have their origin in that day … In the middle of bloodshed, those who were not present were the nerves, unlike now. The pressure is strong and the damn thread won’t go in. Luckily there are no punches or needles … Franky.


Franky It is a board game of 1 to 6 participants, indicated from 4 years. It is set up as a family challenge, with competitions lasting 5 minutes.

Created by Anna Lucini and Pau Moré (Senbazuru), has illustrations by Alba Aragón. It is now available in a medium box format, the result of a collaboration between GDM Games and Old Teddy’s Company (OTC). It consists of body parts, letters and thread.

The action drags us to the School of Magic. There are no enchantments to learn, but there are several monsters to bring to life. In today’s class, the task is to sew the different parts of the body, following the correct pattern. The first to do so will claim victory.

It takes the form of a skill challenge, making use of manual dexterity. Its authors, winners of the HISPA Awards 2021 for this game, offer three levels of difficulty: normal, advanced and expert.


Before we start, we remove all the body parts from the box. We shuffle the pattern cards by type to distribute one of each pile per player, face up. The leftovers are left in the center, in case they want to change them.

It will be time to create the monster. Each pattern card shows a body piece, with the drawing that we will do with the thread to join it to another. We locate those parts and take a thread.

Thus, each piece will have to be joined following the pattern of its letter, passing the thread through the holes. It is important to know that we can strain it up to three times through the same hole. When a player has the pieces attached, they will yell “He’s alive!”

We check that the seams are correct from the top. In that case, win the game. It will be the student of the month. If there is any mistake, everyone continues where they left off. That player will have no choice but to undo what was wrong, continuing in the race.

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In my sea of ​​preconceptions, I have always thought that sewing was relaxing. Illusive. I have also believed that the final work would make some sense. My gray wolf has his own left arm, but wait until you see his right arm. It is also smooth, but of a brownish hue. He’s wearing a half tank top and he’s about to show his belly button.

The legs are not far behind. I’m sewing her some striped tights and a very cool little black skirt. Now that I see my work almost finished, I start to adore this style. I glance at the sewing boxes next door. Big mistake that I will pay dearly.

In the middle of this race against time, I thought I was going great. It is not. It was enough for me to observe the monster on my right to see how it is almost complete. The one on my left leads the same way. It can’t be, I should have stayed focused on mine!

Back to my job. Those leggings that start to choke. What the heck …? The last stitches are wrong. It wasn’t an ‘M’ shape, but an ‘N’ shape. I have to undo the last three. Maybe I’ll be on time. “Its alive!”. Who is alive Oh yeah, your “perfect” monsters. Okay, you won. You are the student of the month. But my monster was prettier, and you know it. The most beautiful of all.


Franky It is not only one of the most original games in the GDM Games catalog, but of the entire brand. The publisher continues with its work of launching titles that do not resemble others, something that it achieves again with a thread in between. The HISPA 2021 award has been won for a reason.

It is not the first time that we put parts of a ‘Frankenstein’ together to bring it to life, but it is the first time we sew it for real. The result is a race against time, where pressure and nerves slip between mental speed and skill.

Anna Lucini and Pau Moré have already surprised with Senbazuru, a Japanese legend translated into an abstract tile-laying duel. With Franky, totally change the theme and mechanics. They do not abandon simple rules, although in this case, without a strategy involved.

What is really important is attention to detail. Concentration. The random distribution of the pattern cards guarantees infinite combinations and maximum replayability. We will shape various creatures, with different patterns. In fact, the fact that we had the same pattern two weeks ago does not imply playing with an advantage.

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Once we have our cards, it will be time to withdraw from the world. We identify the corresponding parts and start sewing. Thread inside. Thread on the outside. Thread inside. Thread on the outside. The result will be worth it, as long as we can finish it. In fact, there are not a few who ask to finish it even if the game has already come to an end. Just to see the effort rewarded.

sewing board game

There will be those who are motivated by looking at the rivals. They will run like never before. For their part, there will be no shortage of those who prefer not to look up from their monster, lest they make a mistake that ends up paying dearly. To believe that they are going well, although in reality, slowness is their faithful friend.

There is no more valid plan than another. What is essential is control nerves. At least not translate them into the final work. It is very common to find a small error that makes us correct. Going back will take us away from victory.

The speed of the games is a point in favor of Franky. Also his simultaneous shifts. It will be very common to want to start another challenge. Although the level of difficulty is provided by the players themselves, depending on their ability, the patterns themselves generate three types of challenges.

They are represented on the cards by reels, in such a way that we continue with a language-independent game. The ideal is to start with the normal ones and, after a couple of workouts, move on to the advanced ones. Those of expert level will constitute a real madness, since they represent patterns that, a priori, are impossible to complete. Only suitable for lovers of painful challenges!

The experience is completed with a mode in lonely, in which to enter a stopwatch. The mission? Create the monster before the five minutes are up. Achieved? We lowered the time 30 seconds. Not even in dreams? We increased it 30. The replayability comes to surpass own marks, thanks to the experience.

Whether in one mode or another, at a normal, advanced or expert level, this is a game loaded with benefits. It surprises and amuses, while it immerses us in a training for the senses. Although it is not a bad thing for us to test our abilities, it will be the little ones who get the most out of it.

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They will practice identifying shapes by recognizing parts according to patterns. Then, while applying concentration, they will develop the eye-hand coordination. The view will mark the exercise that your fingers will perform, reproducing patterns with the thread.

No less important is the end result. They will have grown fond of their characters and, perhaps, do not want to unravel them in a while. No matter. You can always give that pale vampire a name. To the wolf with the face of few friends. They will create a story, individually or with all the characters, taking advantage of the immense power of the imagination.

Franky is a game that is committed to gender equality, which will help in the creation of stories. There are as many female and male characters, so we will be generating a message that should already be present in all areas of society.

Children will have a great time sewing, but so will our elders. The games that unite grandchildren and grandparents. It will be these who demonstrate skills trained for many years, refreshing skills that train the mind. Refreshing memories.

They will take advantage of the simple rules and the bright and large components so as not to rust. If you do not want to participate in the race, you can always sew on your own, without any pressure. The experience will continue to shine and do its job.

sewing board game

Alba Aragón, a regular in GDM Games games, is in charge of the illustrations in Franky. Use a colorful design. Some characters with their own personality. Due to its theme, it fits very well in a Halloween celebration, but also during the rest of the year.

The nice illustrations are accompanied by a clear manual, which leaves no doubt in the air. Of a symbology understandable to the naked eye, which does not require additional clarification either.

Now, what about the thread? It is common for, after a few games, to start to fray. If we cut the tip a little, it will be useful again. There is a solution for everything, since we can replace it with others that we have at home without problems, of a similar thickness. Yes indeed, we will have run out of excuses in the face of defeat.


  • 18 Left Arm Cards
  • 18 Right Arm Cards
  • 12 Leg Cards
  • 6 Head and Trunk Cards
  • Trophy Letter
  • 12 Arm Pieces
  • 6 Head and Trunk Pieces
  • 6 Leg Pieces
  • 6 Colored Threads
  • Instructions (Spanish, English, French, German)

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