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Devolver Digital previews the new Serious Sam game for this month

Devolver Digital drops a short teaser video about a new Serious Sam game launching this month.

When it comes to indie title publishers, Devolver Digital is a highly regarded name, with many different games endorsed by the publisher. This includes multiplayer mayhem. Fall Guys to the insanely crazy FPS franchise I’m serious. Devolver Digital bought from the developers in 2020, after the launch of Sam series 4, the prequel to 2011’s Serious Sam 3: BFE. The development team appears to be teasing a new entry into the franchise, as evidenced by a new teaser video released by Devolver Digital.

Croteam’s Sam series 4 was greeted with a mixed reception, with many fans and critics praising the game’s unique ideas and strengths, such as its action-packed opening sequence and unique enemies. The cheesy story and the protagonist were also high points for some fans. However, the main issues that many were offended by were the lower levels in the game, as well as some technical shortcomings that also hampered the experience.

Despite this, Devolver Digital seems to trust him I’m serious name, as seen with a teaser video posted on Twitter. It shows a couple of environments that will be part of this next game, such as an ocean that has buoys and seagulls lurking. The video also shows a frozen wasteland, with sunken ships next to the dock, with abundant ice and snow.

A voiceover is heard throughout the teaser, where he comments on the cold, but is eager to get into the action. Based on what has been shown, along with the frozen I’m serious logo and emoji included in the Twitter post, this game seeks to focus on winter-themed levels. The post notes that this is an entirely new game, prompting a formal announcement next week, where it will also be released this month. Fans on the Twitter post expressed their excitement for this upcoming game, many hoping this game will be a step up from Sam series 4.

The latest content fans received regarding Sam series 4 It was a Christmas-themed update in 2020. This winter-themed event had players transported to a snowy land, battling swarms of aliens while searching for gifts that might contain loot. It also brought in many fixes that helped stabilize frame rate and game performance issues due to heavy action combat. Hopefully Croteam can use what he learned Sam series 4 to make this next game meet the expectations of the fans.

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A new I’m serious the game is in development.

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