Friday, September 30

Days Gone Director Clarifies Sales Comments

The Days Gone director clarifies the comments he made recently about the game’s confirmed sales, admitting that he has only been estimating.

Fans of the PlayStation exclusive Past days They’ve been through a rollercoaster of emotions since the game’s release. Despite what seemed like initial success, game director Jeff Ross later confirmed that Sony had not approved a sequel due to Past days low performance. Then last week, what appeared to be new details about Past days were shared publicly. Ross said that Past days probably sold as much or more than Fantasma de Tsushima8 million copies. However, he now clarifies that those numbers may not be entirely accurate.

Ross recently did an interview with former game director and controversial figure David Jaffe in which he discussed the topic of Past daysSales. Ross said his number Past daysThe sales come from PlayStation Trophy data pulled from a data mining website called Gatestat. The Gamestat website, oddly enough, has been offline for some time, but has been used for similar estimates in the past. It goes without saying, however, that it is not an official or reliable source for this type of data.

The numbers that Ross had previously shared were that Past days it had potentially sold up to 10 million copies. This number, he hints, should never have been enough to persuade Sony to give a green light to a Past days continuation. Fantasma de Tsushima It is believed to have a sequel in the works, after all, and only sold around 8 million copies. If Ross’s numbers are false or based on bad data, that makes his argument much less persuasive.

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Ultimately, sales may or may not have been an important factor in the decision not to conduct a Past days continuation. Reception of the open-world zombie game was moderate, with a Metacritic rating of 71% compared to Fantasma de Tsushima83%. After all, when deciding to make a sequel, it’s important that the fanbase is really excited for it.

The problem is understandably frustrating for Ross, as well as the developers at Sony Bend Studio, who put their lives in Past days for many years. Ross even left Sony Bend Studio in 2019 following the release of Past days, although he has not shared the reason for his departure.

Last year, Ross told fans to keep their hopes high because a Past days the sequel was still a possibility in the future. However, that may be less and less true, with the amount of bizarre controversy that continues to accumulate around the game. Sony Bend Studio, at a minimum, will be able to take the lessons from Past days and make your next project that much better.

Past days It is available now for PC and PS4.

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