Saturday, December 3

Clockwork Aquario, confirmed for PC and Xbox • Console and Dash

After passing through PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Aquarium Clockwork prepares its landing on PC (Steam) and Xbox consoles. It will be this summer when it is available.


ININ Games and Westone Bit Entertainment announce the arrival of this adventure to PC and Xbox for this summer, with no specific date at the moment. What they have done is remember the details of their proposal.

They show how development began almost thirty years ago. The rise of three-dimensional games caused the project to be abandoned. Now, the original creators have come together to shape the release it truly deserved.

The result is a pixelated, two-dimensional platform game with arcade humor. It offers a mode for two, designed to unite retro lovers and the little ones in the house. As a curiosity, it shows the Guinness World Records for being the video game with the longest time between its beginning and its final release.

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