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Bend Studio suggested doing an open world Resistance and Siphon Filter reboot

Jeff Ross, Game Director in Days Gone, said this week that the open-world zombie survival game had sold more than nine million units. In this context, Ross and John Garvin, creative director of the title developed by Bend Studio, have visited the YouTube channel of David Jaffe, the creator of Twisted Metal, to talk about his time in the Sony studio. In the talk they revealed that they suggested creating a Resistance from open world and a reboot of the saga Syphon Filter.

After the rejection of the direction of the study to a Days Gone 2, Bend Studio leaders asked the creative team about the possibility of bring back Syphon Filter, whose last installment dates from 2007. “It was just a question: ‘Is there any other intellectual property that we have that we can use?’ And the only one we had was Syphon Filter. But honestly, I had no idea how to restart Syphon Filter, I wasn’t interested at all, “says Ross.

As for the open world game set in the shooter futurist Insomniac Games says he told studio heads that “a Resistance open world would be fucking cool “. “[Tenamos] all these open world loops we created [para Days Gone]. They almost integrated themselves with Resistance, there’s a lots of aspects of that saga that support the gameplay open world. “

However, Ross explains that Bend Studio managers weren’t interested on it, and admits that he does not know how Resistance it had worked in sales. “They were interested in almost anything except a Days Gone 2“he says of the Oregn studio management team.

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The idea of Days Gone 2 did not reach the senior managers of Sony

On the sequel to the adventure starring Deacon St. John, the director comments that the idea was reviewed by a manager just above the managers from Bend Studio, but you think I did not go from there to other positions with more decision-making power at Sony. “I think the critics [al proyecto] were made from the point of view of: ‘The first was a disaster in many ways and did not sell greatSo let’s keep these guys busy, ‘”says Ross.

In a tweet posted this week, former Bend Studios employee (Ross left the firm at the end of 2020 and John Garvin a year earlier) ensures that before his departure Days Gone had sold more than nine million copies (eight on PS4 and over a million on PC)despite the management team letting employees see that the title had not been a sales success.

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