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Below Cover: How Chef Rachel Redeemed Herself in Season 9

Fans are in awe of the way chef Rachel Hargrove sticks together in Below Deck season 9 after her somewhat erratic behavior from season 8.

Rachel Hargrove joined Below deck season 8 and made a big name for herself with her sassy personality, but when she returned for season 9, fans started to see a softer side to her. Chefs are known to be temperamental and Below deck has featured many of them in the kitchen. Fans watched chefs Ben Robinson, Mathew Shea, and Tom Checketts throw many tantrums under stress. Fortunately, the guests never saw the drama and their food always came out impeccable.

About Below deck Season 8, Rachel amused fans with her pranks and great personality. However, he went too far when reading the preference sheet for the next group of guests on board. Rachel was offended by her list of demands, and after cursing a storm in front of Captain Lee Rosbach, she resigned. The next day, he returned with great regret and asked Captain Lee to give him his job back. He gave her a second chance, and although she nailed the letter, the crew was offended that she had left them high and dry.

Rachel went back to Below deck season 9 and fans have noted that she is not as unpredictable as the last time they saw her. When Captain Lee announced that Chelsea, an upcoming charter guest, had a clenched jaw due to an accident and needed to puree all of her food, Rachel took it easy. She told cameras that she had dealt with the exact same situation before and knew how to handle it. Although she encountered some tense moments where guests were unhappy, viewers were impressed with the way she kept her cool and handled this overall situation. In addition to pureeing the main guest’s food, Rachel surprised the guests with her many delicious meals.

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After the stressful letter, the crew was rewarded with a trip to a local island and had fun on the beach for a day. Usually, the crew take advantage of the days off to relax and have fun. Sometimes it can get out of control. Last season, they had a day off at the beach and Rachel drank too much. He acted nasty and embarrassed his fellow crew members. This time, Rachel agreed with her Below Deck co-stars, but did not drink alcohol. He joked that he was too old to keep up with the younger crew, but seemed to have learned his lesson from last season.

Being on a charter is stressful. Therefore, viewers can identify when the cast wants to let loose once the letter is over. The chef’s job is exceptionally difficult, as he has to do it himself without help. Rachel consistently impressed guests with her culinary skills, but was criticized for Below deck for his erratic behavior. Rachel blamed the stress of dealing with COVID-19 and wanting to go home to her then-boyfriend Vicenzo, who lived in Italy. About Below deck season 9, she is single and seems to be super focused on doing an outstanding job. So far, that has kept her drama-free.

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