Monday, November 28

Ancelotti, on Casemiro’s penalty: “From afar it seemed clear to me”

Carlo Ancelottivalue the triumph of Real Madrid against Valencia at the Santiago Bernabu. The Italian was satisfied at a press conference.

Asensio: “He has played very well, I totally agree. If he plays well, he plays 90 minutes; if not, 45. He has done it at the same level as Benzema and Vinicius.”

Valencia’s tweet: “I can’t answer you because I haven’t seen the play, I haven’t seen anything of the game. It seemed pretty clear to me from afar, but I really don’t know what happened.”

The word “robbery” in football: “I don’t know what to say. I have to evaluate the game. We played well, we deserved to win. It is true that we opened the scoring with a penalty, that helped us, but it was a complete game. At the beginning we did not do good defensive vigilance. , they caught us in some against, but then we have created opportunities “.

If any player does not have the complete pattern, since they will not be able to enter Arabia: “All my team is vaccinated, as far as I know. We only have to evaluate the situation of Mariano and Bale, but the rest … Carvajal is fine, starting training from Monday. Jovic too, who has been negative.”

If with the trident Asensio-Benzema-Vinicius they aspire to the Champions League: “I think we have to watch game by game, with the momentum of the players. Vinicius has returned well, without emphasizing much with the dribbles but ready there, to score goals. He has scored goals as a center forward, as a forward of the area. Karim always It’s the same. Competing we are going to compete, either with Asensio or with Rodrygo. We have to think that Rodrygo has done very well when he has played. “

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If the attack trident is already immovable: “I don’t think immovable because they have done very well today but I also have to evaluate players like Rodrygo, who has done very well when he has played even though he has not scored. We are lucky to have these players who stand out a lot. Today they did. done very well. “

Distance with Barcelona in the League and duel in the Super Cup: “It will always be a rival for Madrid. That is why it is called Clsico. A Clsico will always be a Clsico. It may be that theoretically we are favorites but then there is practice, and practice is the grass: we start 0-0, each team it has its opportunities … It is an important competition, the first of the season and each team wants to win it, and so do we. Whether we are favorites or not does not matter. “

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