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Analyst: Nintendo Switch successor will arrive in 2024 and there will be no Pro model | Levelup

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The beginning of the year is the ideal season for various analysts to give their forecasts about the future of current consoles, their games and the plans that companies such as Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox could have.

Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at Ampere Analysis, did not want to be the exception, so he spoke specifically about Nintendo, what will happen with the Switch this year, the possibilities of seeing the rumored Pro model and when the successor to the successful hybrid console will arrive. .

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Switch will be the hit of 2022 with a successor in a couple of years, analyst says

Nintendo Switch makes it clear every month that it is the most popular and successful console today. This since it significantly exceeds the sales of other systems in all regions of the world.

For this reason, Harding-Rolls believes that the hybrid console will continue this trend and will be the most successful system of 2022. This despite the great launches that companies such as PlayStation and Xbox are preparing.

He also believes that the system will remain active for another couple of years, as he is betting that the Switch’s successor will launch sometime in late 2024. Nothing is confirmed for now, as this is pure guesswork. We only know that Nintendo is already working on its next console, but that it has not yet defined what it will be like.

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On the other hand, the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro was discussed again. Harding-Rolls believes that this console will never arrive, as the company focuses for now on its next console and on keeping its current players satisfied.

“The Nintendo Switch family of devices will once again be the top-selling console in 2022 with around 21 million units sold to consumers, with the help of the launch of the Switch OLED. I don’t expect a Switch Pro in 2022. We have a Nintendo console from next generation in our forecasts for the end of 2024, so I am not convinced that a Pro model is going to appear, “commented the analyst.

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