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Amazon Kindle: How to Exit a Book and Return to the Home Screen

Few devices are as good at reading as Kindles. Unfortunately, knowing how to get out of a book on a Kindle isn’t immediately apparent. Here’s how to do it.

Amazons Kindle devices are great for reading a good book, but when it comes time to exit that book and go back to the home screen, it can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t know where to look. While e-readers may not be the new hot gadget on the market these days, their importance is as prevalent as ever. IPads and Android tablets are great machines for watching movies, gaming, and checking social media. However, if someone wants a device for comfortable reading and nothing else, e-readers still can’t be beat.

This is completely evident with Amazon’s Kindle line. While Amazon has since expanded to tablets, smart speakers, and smart displays, the Kindle family remains a critical part of its product offerings. There’s the entry-level Kindle, the mid-range Kindle Paperwhite, and the flagship Kindle Oasis. No matter what features someone is looking for or how much money they want to spend, Amazon has a Kindle that should be the perfect fit.

For the most part, the Kindles are easy to use. They have touchscreens, simple interfaces, and aren’t bogged down with too many unnecessary features. Despite that, something as simple as getting out of a book is not very clear to novice users. There is no physical home button anywhere on a Kindle, nor are there virtual home / exit buttons while reading a book. If you are having trouble exiting a book on your Kindle, here is what to do: With a book open on your Kindle, touch anywhere near the top of the screen. This reveals the Kindle’s ‘reading toolbar’, which offers shortcuts to change the font, view the table of contents, and more. Towards the top left of this toolbar there is a ‘←’ icon. Tap that and you’ll be out of the book and back to the home screen in no time.

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Other Ways to Return to the Kindle Home Screen

Returning to the home screen from other parts of the interface works a bit differently. If someone is viewing the Kindle Store on their e-reader, they can return to the home screen at any time by tapping the ‘X’ icon near the top right of the screen. The same is true in the Settings app. If you open Settings to adjust something and you’re ready to go home, just tap the same ‘X’ icon to do so. Outside of reading books, that ‘X’ icon will always be there as a way to get home. Whether you use your Kindle to open Goodreads, Amazon Kids, or the web browser, the ‘X’ marks the spot to come home.

And that’s it! In most cases, a Kindle’s home screen can be accessed with that ‘X’ button. If you are reading a book, simply touch the top of the screen and then touch the arrow icon that appears in the left corner. Keep these tips in mind and you will use your Amazons Kindle like a pro in no time.

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