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90 Day Boyfriend: Mark Shoemaker’s Daughter Talks About Daddy’s Engagement

After years of silence about her father and Nikki, Mark Shoemaker’s daughter shares what it was like to know that her father was engaged to someone younger than her.

Years after 58-year-old Mark Shoemaker married his 19-year-old wife Nikki in 90 day fiancé Season 3, Mark’s daughter Elise Shoemaker is talking about what it was like for her to find out that her father was going to marry someone younger than her. Nikki disappeared from social media in 2013 and Mark was never active in the first place. This caused fans to worry about Nikki’s well-being and began asking Elise for answers. Although Elise has always been quite active on social media, a few years ago she declared that she preferred not to talk about her father and his wife.

When Mark and Nikki appeared in 90 day fiancé season 3, fans immediately began questioning the couple due to their age difference. Viewers had even more questions when they found out that Mark’s ex-wife was from Cebu City in the Philippines, just like Nikki. Even more shocking was that Mark and his ex-wife had four children, including their daughter, Elise, who was about a year older than her father’s new wife. When Mark got mad at Nikki for leaving fingerprints on her car windows, viewers thought this was an argument a parent would have with a child and thus dubbed them as from the franchise. “creepiest couple. “The two disappeared from the public eye and filed a lawsuit against TLC for making them look bad, which it allegedly withdrew in 2017.

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Recently on TikTok, Elise shared that after divorcing his mother, Mark apparently announced that he was going to the Philippines specifically to find a wife. According to the TikTok video, Elise, who was 19 at the time, told her father that as long as his future wife was.older“That she would be happy with whoever he brought back to the United States. 90 day fiancé The student also shared that two weeks after their month-long trip, Mark announced his engagement on Facebook without telling the family and revealed when he returned home that his new wife was not.older“Than her daughter, but she had just turned 19 years old.

Elise, who calls herself Ms. Shoemaker on TikTok, also posted another video on the social media platform, where she expressed her outrage at having grown up with her father telling him how.little“His mother is and then he married a younger woman from the same city. She captioned that video “Just me reliving the trauma # 90dayfiance. “Fans in the comments for both videos asked Elise if Nikki was okay, but Elise did not respond and instead explained in a comment that she is”relive the trauma“Of the whole situation”every year. “

Based on Elise’s earlier request not to talk about Mark and Nikki, 90 day fiancé Fans can probably assume that Elise and Mark don’t keep in frequent contact. Concerned viewers have reported seeing Mark and Nikki together in public over the years, but the last known sighting was in 2018. Fans are likely to continue to search for clues as to Mark and Mark’s whereabouts and relationship status. Nikki.

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