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22 games of 2022 – Kirby and the forgotten land

One of the more pleasant surprises that the last edition of Nintendo Direct left us was the announcement that Kirby, the adorable pink ball created by Masahiro Sakurai, coming back next year with a completely new adventure that promises to take the character to a new dimension with his most ambitious and revolutionary game to date.

Kirby in the third dimension

  • Study: HAL Laboratory
  • Publishing company: Nintendo
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: 2022

As is usual in the series, we will be facing a platform game again, although this time there is a difference with respect to its previous main adventures: it is a 3D title instead of a 2D one. This, from the outset, will considerably change the development of this installment, as we will have total freedom to move around their maps, being able to move 360 ​​degrees through their environments both when it comes to overcoming platform challenges and when facing the enemies that come our way. step by step. Yes, apparently in its debut trailer, the camera aims to be fixed.

As you can intuit, Kirby will keep his abilities more characteristic, such as the possibility of flying, absorbing enemies and objects and, of course, copying the powers of your rivals to use them to your advantage, something that is very necessary to solve puzzles and find all kinds of hidden secrets. A detail that we have found very interesting is that this new dimension has been used to add a good handful of new movements to our plump hero, such as an elusive tool and new actions related to copy skills that will open up new possibilities at the time. to use them.

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In regards to your story, the only thing we know about her is that Kirby somehow arrived at a mysterious forgotten world full of structures and locations very similar to those we see in our day to daysuch as buildings, parks, shopping malls, etc. Of course, everything presents a quite apocalyptic aspect, because in them you do not see a single soul (discounting the enemies, of course, most from other games of the character) and nature has gained ground to the artificial built by man, resulting in scenarios that can remind us of what is seen in works such as The Last of Us The NieR: Automata, with the exception that everything here is very colorful and cartoon.

Capture the gameplay of Kirby and the Forgotten Land in a level that takes place inside a shopping mall

Based on what is seen in the trailer (unfortunately, to this day it is the only thing that has been taught about the game, so there are many unknowns still to be cleared), it seems that despite the fact that 3D will be the great novelty that marks the development of the adventure, there will also be sections where the camera will be placed sideways and that they will be in 2.5D, thus paying homage to what was seen in other installments of this hero. And yes, we will not be short of battles against huge bosses, which promise to be the greatest in the entire saga.

As we say, it is a game surrounded by unknowns that Nintendo has barely released, but that looks really good And it promises to bring some freshness to the character’s main series, and considering how fun almost all of his adventures tend to be, we couldn’t help but include him on our 2022 Most Anticipated list.

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22 games of 2022

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