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This smart scale is smarter than your Apple Watch

Withings’ new smart scale records 6-lead ECG, segmented body composition and nerve activity for a more robust picture of health with tracking.

Even a smart scale It could be thought of as a single-purpose tool for monitoring weight, but a new body scan scale that was unveiled at the Consumer Technology Association could be even smarter and more versatile than an Apple Watch when it comes to tracking. health. With the challenges of the pandemic, a focus on health is more important than ever, and overall improvements help the body prevent and fight infections.

Withings started the smart scale product category in 2009 and has since expanded its capabilities. The main function, of course, is to track weight changes from day to day and over time. Body-Plus is the most popular smart scale on the market, adding body composition measurement and body mass index (BMI) tracking. In addition, Withings scales can be used by the whole family, automatically recognizing up to eight users.

Withings recently introduced its latest and smartest smart scale yet, the Body Scan. It captures so much data that the company refers to it as a health post. While an Apple Watch Series 7 can record a single-lead ECG (electrocardiogram), the Body Scan has the ability to record six leads, providing much more data than an Apple Watch and even surpassing handheld ECGs. The graph is displayed on the Body Scan’s built-in 3.2-inch color screen and is also sent to the smartphone app, which stores the data for later use and for historical comparisons. This information can easily be shared with a physician or Withings clinical partners directly from the app if an atrial fibrillation alert appears or something more concerning. Available later in 2022 and priced at $ 300, it’s $ 100 less than the Apple Watch Series 7 and provides more data per scan. That said, these products don’t really compete. Instead, it’s valuable to continuously monitor health metrics with the Apple Watch and collect a more detailed snapshot with the Body Scan multiple times a day.

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Withings body scan composition and nerves

A body composition scan measures the percentage of water and total body fat. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 has this capability, but Withings Body Scan goes further, providing segmented data to identify visceral fat, muscle, bone and water readings for the user’s torso, as well as for each arm and leg. Knowing how much fat, muscle, bone and water is in the body helps you understand what is happening so that exercise can be focused where it is needed most. Vascular age is also estimated, and easy-to-understand visualizations appear in the smartphone app and record changes over time.

Withings Body Scan also measures nerve activity, which is important for people with diabetes and other problems that affect nerve health. For example, neuropathy is a common condition and the Body Scan will be able to help alert users to this concern. The complete weight scan, nerve evaluation, ECG and more is captured in about a minute just by standing on the scale and lifting its handle, which is attached to a self-retracting cord. This large amount of data is what makes the Withings Body Scan a smart scale that’s even smarter than a smartwatch.

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