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This is Way Down: The Bank of Spain is robbed, the video game from the film by Jaume Balagueró

The Spanish director Jaume Balaguer, who we know for being the author of feature films such as REC The As you sleep, has just released his new project in collaboration with Mediaset and Sony Pictures. It is a heist movie set in Spain which has a cast of height made up of both international actors such as Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) Y Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor), as nationals, with Jos Coronado (There will be no peace for the wicked) and Luis Tosar (Cell 211) on the front page.

Thanks to the collaboration with PlayStation and its national development support program PS Talents, this film has been adapted to the video game at the hands of Fas3 Estudios, creators of projects such as Albacete Warrior, and Gammera Nest, whom we know mostly for their work with the series Cloud. From this alliance of companies has emerged Way Down: Docks the Bank of Space, a curious title that adapts Balaguer’s film in the form of an adventure of espionage and action that is now available on PS5 and PS4 at a price of 19.99 euros in PS Store.

Robbing a bank during the World Cup: a seamless plan

The premise of Way Down: Docks the Bank of Space, almost identical to that of the film on which it is based, it could not be more original: a group of international robbers want to seize a mysterious treasure that the government of our country keeps in the Bank vault of Spain, one of the most impregnable buildings in the world according to the protagonists. As it is a space of maximum security, criminals look for a unique moment in which they can strike without anyone paying attention, so they opt for the 2010 World Cup final, that game that the Spanish soccer team won and that supposed an almost complete paralysis of the country.

Taking advantage of the hubbub of the placement of a giant screen right next to the Bank of Spain, the robbers choose that moment to carry out their robbery; obviously in the game of Fas3 Studios we will not put ourselves in the shoes of this criminal group to sneak into the building’s facilities without being detected, something that has been recreated with various mini-games that not only happen during the peak of the plan, but also before, in the planning of the robbery. Way Down: Docks the Bank of Space it’s divided in three acts that we will have resolved without complications in about three hours long.

Robbery by hitting minigames

Little by little we will explore the building carrying out steps of the plan through Minigames like hacking servers, opening and closing gates, sliding down ropes, balancing … There are a wide variety of mechanics that add a dynamic touch to the experience, although we can also expect sections of dialogues that interrupt the experience. cronmetro -always present during missions- so that we can receive more narrative information without worrying about whether or not we meet the objectives. It is not too demanding a game, and he will always give us more time than we need to get what he asks of us.

As you can see in the images and in the trailer of Way Down: Docks the Bank of Space, the game has a graphic style reminiscent of the still-camera titles so common in the PS2 generation. The graphic quality is perhaps what stands out the least in this work, especially due to the simplicity of the modeling of the characters and the animations, but it solves it by giving it a good visual finish to the true protagonist of the game: the Bank of Spain. The recreation of the building is very well done, especially thanks to a lighting that knows how to create scenes of tension.

Image of Way Down, the game of robbing the Bank of Spain

With these ingredients, the PS Talents game tells a story that, although it follows the line of what is marked by Balaguer’s film, transits new spaces to adapt to the language of the video game; this obviously translates to it is not a direct translation of what we can see in the cinema, but a new look at the same story that, in addition, arrives dubbed into Spanish with actors of the stature of Claudio serrano. In this way we can enjoy a video game reminiscent of the film, but complementing it instead of simply copying it.

Way Down: Docks the Bank of Space is now available on PS5 and PS4 in digital format. Below these lines you can see a crowd with game screenshots.


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