Tuesday, November 29

This creepy mix between Eevee and The Rock won’t let you sleep at night

Rarely have we seen a hybrid as terrifying as the one we bring you today. The artist and cosplayer known in social networks as Junkers has created a three-dimensional figure that mixes the body of the sympathetic Pokémon Eevee with the prominent head of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the famous wrestler and actor who is currently sweeping the Hollywood blockbuster cinema. Where did the idea of ​​creating this figure that has generated many comments from fans of pocket monsters come from? According to its creator, this is a joke to emphasize that the nice Normal-type brown fox doesn’t have a Rock-type evolution yet, highly demanded by fans.

As those of you who know the world of Pokémon will well know, Eevee is the creature with the most evolutions among all monsters that we have been able to see in the existing generations so far. This species is capable of evolving into eight different types with the most varied methods; To give a few examples, we have Flareon as the Fire-type evolution or Umbreon as the Dark-type evolution. However, despite the fact that Eevee has an evolution for practically every one of the elemental types, the absence of the Rock type has always been highlighted by the fandom. In this sense, the effort of talented fans to put on paper how it could be is appreciated, although this Eevee The Rock is completely far from what we could expect.

Legends Pokémon Arceus debut this January 28

Pokmon is on everyone’s lips thanks to the successful premiere of Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl, the longed for remakes Sinnoh that fans are spending an infinite amount of hours. However, despite the furor that this new installment has caused, it could be overshadowed by the premiere of Leyendas Pokmon Arceus, the new title developed by Game Freak that promises to be a revolution within the saga thanks to a mission system similar to that of Monster Hunter and a completely revamped concept of captures and battles. Remember that the game, one of the most anticipated of this new year, will go on sale next Friday January 28 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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