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The race to Qatar: Footballers who changed teams to seek a place in the World Cup

E2022 is the year of the world CupTherefore, the players eligible for the different coaches will want to increase your level competition or at least have minutes of play to be considered for the World Cup. In that sense, the Aztec players have not been left behind and several of them have ‘changed of scene’ looking to earn a place on the plane bound for Qatar 2022.

Of all the footballers who changed their scene, there is only one who he risked going to Europe; Another pair returned to Liga MX after their MLS adventure, while the others left their former teams to gain more visibility. in their new squads and that Tata Martino consider them for future calls.

Orbelin Pineda

The most prominent case. Since the summer it was known that will leave Cruz Azul to live the European dream with Celta. Pineda will leave his comfort zone one year after the World Cup. The bet is dangerous, because must adapt as soon as possible to gain minutes, continuity and ownership. The advantage for the former Cruz Azul footballer is that He is one of the constant footballers on Martino’s lists.

Luis Romo

Another one that Cruz Azul left. Luis Romo changed Mexico City for Monterrey, where he wanted to be Rayados’ idol. After getting the ninth and not being able to make the leap to Europe, Romo continued his career in the Sultana del Norte, from where he continued to be watched by Martino.

Rodolfo Pizarro

He left Liga MX in search of making the leap to Europe from the United States. However, in MLS he lost his place in the national team, so return to Liga MX to “be champion with Rayados” and sign his passport to Qatar 2022. Will he achieve it?

Jonathan dos Santos

Another who leaves the MLS to look for his ticket to the World Cup in Liga MX. America repatriated him with the hope of not repeating the story of his brother Giovani, but finding his best version in Jona., which will help you get on the plane for the next World Cup.

Carlos Rodrguez

We arrived with the bronze medalists in Tokyo 2020. Carlos Rodríguez was part of the exchange between Monterrey and Cruz Azul. As we have seen, Luis Romo arrived at La Sultana, while Charly arrived at CDMX. Although they shared the field in the Olympic Games, for Qatar they could be rivals in search of a single place, in 2022 we will witness Who benefited the most from the change.

Sebastin Crdova

One of the ‘brains’ of the Olympic team left America to stop at Tigres. Sebastin Crdova had a 2021 from high to low. He shone with Las Eagles and with the national team in the first semester, but for the second he showed his football in a trickle. With Miguel Herrera as Tigres coach, Crdova has the mission to shine in the MX League and get a ticket to Qatar.

Uriel Antuna

Another ‘exchange’ sounded in this winter market of the Liga MX was that of Chivas and Cruz Azul by Antuna and Alvarado. Apparently, El Brujo no longer had a place in the Rebao, so he decided to change of scene in search of ensuring his place in Qatar since, Antuna, has been a constant with Gerardo Martino.

Roberto Alvarado

He was a pillar for Jaime Lozano in the Olympic team, but has lost ground to Gerardo Martino in the major. With the change from Cruz Azul to Chivas, El Piojo seeks his best level to overwhelm the bands in the stadiums of Qatar 2022.

Alejandro Mayorga and Erik Lira

The two reinforcements of Cruz Azul were part of the Olympic process. Despite not going to Tokyo, both have said that their arrival at La Mquina is a preliminary step to be able to go to the senior team and why not? earn a place for the World Cup.


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