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The Battlefield 2042 subreddit could close due to toxicity and attacks on devs | Levelup

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Battlefield 2042 It is far from being everything the community had dreamed of for the new installment. So several fans have asked EA and DICE for improvements as soon as possible, as they believe that the gaming experience leaves much to be desired.

Unfortunately this has also resulted in attacks on developers and unconstructive criticism, especially after the team in charge of the shooter revealed that they were going to take a break.

A section of the community did not react at all well to this announcement, so they took out their frustration on the subreddit of Battlefield 2042, which was filled with toxicity and attacks on the creatives of the game. For this reason, EA and DICE are already thinking about the possibility of temporarily closing the site due to the bad attitude of the community.

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DICE calls for an end to harassment of its developers for Battlefield 2042

Many gamers felt “betrayed” when Andy McNamara, global director of integrated communications at EA, posted on Twitter that they would be taking a break and then coming back and solving the game’s problems.

The manager was forced to delete his publication, as he received messages of hatred, insults and threats from the players of Battlefield 2042. Because of this, the companies turned to the title’s subreddit to ask their fans for patience and respect. Otherwise, the site will be blocked until further notice.

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“In the last few days we have seen insults, harassment and vile comments directed at members of our community and DICE employees. We make this statement to warn you that we will no longer tolerate this (…) It is an understatement when we say that this subreddit has become incredibly toxic, ”the companies wrote.

They commented that it is currently “almost impossible” to start a conversation about the title without receiving insults, which is hurting the entire franchise community. So they gave the players various options.

If they compromise and toxicity is reduced, then the subreddit will remain open with no restrictions. If the bad behaviors remain as they are, then certain threads will be blocked early.
Lastly, if the toxicity gets even higher, then the subreddit will be blocked for a while until everything calms down.

“We do our best to make everyone’s voice heard, no matter how upset or angry they are, but we have always been in the position that name-calling or harassment directed at any individual is never going to be tolerated. We will do whatever it takes to reduce that kind of toxicity. If that means closing for a period of time, we will do it ”, stressed DICE.

The company hopes not to have to block posts or the subreddit itself, so it asked players to choose the correct option. “If you don’t like the options available to you, you can unsubscribe and create your own community medium,” the study concluded.

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Battlefield 2042 is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC. Go to this link to learn more about the shooter.

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