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Street Fighter professional claims to have abused a girl and Capcom banned him for life | Levelup

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Robson “robinho” Oliveira, professional player of Street Fighter V, did a broadcast on Twitch in which he confessed to abusing a girl. It was news that went around the world and reached the ears of Capcom, a company that decided to ban the player for life from all competitions in their games.

In a recent live stream, Robinho was playing Street Fighter V as he usually does. While interacting with the audience, he decided to tell an anecdote in which he confessed to having sexually abused a woman who was intoxicated. According to his statements, it was a premeditated act done as revenge for an alleged infidelity.

Later, Robinho pointed out that his statements were in joke and that he made everything up. That said, it is believed that it was a way to cover his back after members of his chat told him that what he was telling was a crime.

Capcom takes action against the player and hopes that the law will do the same

Thanks to a translation made by @CruzaderOnline, the news became an international issue and Capcom found out. Thus, the company issued a statement on its account dedicated to the competitive scene, revealing that it took action against Robinho.

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According to the statement, Robinho will be banned for life from Capcom events and the Capcom Pro Tour. This means that you will not be able to participate in any official tournament of Street Fighter V or future Capcom games for the rest of your life.

“It has come down to us that Robson“ Robinho ”Oliveira made statements in a public forum where he described that he participated in reprehensible and heinous acts. We have zero tolerance for such acts and behavior, which, at a minimal level, violate the player’s code of conduct, potentially the laws of Brazil, and deserve action.

Therefore, Robson “robinho2 Oliveira is permanently banned from all events owned or operated by Capcom, including the Capcom Cup, the Capcom Pro Tour and the Street Fighter League. It is a global ban, which means it applies to tournaments and events around the world, “Capcom said in its statement.

The company also noted that, in addition to its punishment, it expects the Brazilian authorities to investigate Robinho’s statements. This as they believe that it has the potential to be a crime in that country: “Although this is only a consequence, we hope that the local authorities will quickly investigate and deal with this matter to the full extent of the law.”

It is worth mentioning that Robinho was also banned from Twitch and the esports organization he represented decided to cut ties with him.

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