Friday, December 9

Straight Camavinga to Casemiro

Eduardo Camavinga He is only 19 years old, so his career is yet to be defined. He has conditions to act in up to three demarcations of the center of the field (pivot, midfielder or interior), but in Alcoy he made one thing clear: he can be a valid alternative to housemiro in the position of ‘5’, linking between the centrals and the most offensive midfielders.

Playing ahead of the Brazilian, the former Rennes player gave a modern midfielder clnic at El Collao. Carlo Ancelotti I entrusted him with the creation of the game and the Frenchman complied with a note, always playing the ball with discretion and showing in various actions the undeniable technical quality of his left leg. It happened that, ahead of him, he did not find much company. Hazard still a prisoner of insecurity, Rodrygo he was shy, Valverde disappeared and of Mariano You can’t expect much beyond the racial spike on a fumble. So Camavinga even decided to look for the goal on his own, and on up to three occasions he dared to challenge Jos Juan, although his shots were blocked by the rear from Alicante.

1,2,3,4 … and up to 9 goals Camavinga scored in the last training session

In addition, he showed his defensive application in various actions, especially a providential clearance in a shot from the local attack as soon as the game started, saving a sung goal that would have led to a very different scenario from the one that later occurred in El Collao.

Camavinga claimed as an alternative to a Casemiro who, although he continues to surpass him in the quits and disputes, seems somewhat behind in terms of football generation. Its mix with Kroos Y Modric can be an alternative in those matches against rivals retracted how much they choke Madrid this season, because, in addition, it has quality for the overflow and stride to break lines.

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In any case, they are already 18 appearances of the Frenchman with the Madrid shirt in this his first course in white. And, although it is above all a bet for the future, Alcoy’s party reminds us that the ’25’ is also an alternative for the present.

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