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Stage 6 of the Dakar Rally, live

Stage 6 of the 2022 Dakar RallyAgain, a loop in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Again, the motorcycle and car routes are separated. The surprising and brilliant Petrucci opens on two wheels and the no less incredible lategan, does it at four o’clock. Gives to make up for Carlos Sainz and the ‘headdress’ Joan Barreda, to be from the game.

6:56: Problems for Peterhansel?

We start with the failures of the GPS or difficulties for the Frenchman? The fact is that their time does not start at km 40 and others who started behind do. We will see

6:50 AM: Al-Attiyah increases rents

Nasser, apparently without going full throttle, buys Lategan and Loeb more time. In km 80 he puts 40 seconds to the South African and 47 to the French. More than half a minute of growth

6:49: Sainz, 1

Carlos has started strong. He reaches km 40, the first point, and takes command. He gives Al Rajhi 11 seconds. It’s just about winning stages and riding the Audi, but okay

6:46: Good start for Nani Roma

Go through the 40 km of cars 15 seconds from Al-Attiyah. But Al Rajhi surpasses both and puts 1 ah with 19 seconds of income compared to qatar

6:44: Sanders, 1 on motorcycles

For talking. Daniel reaches km 40 and puts 1 with 55 seconds of income compared to Ricky Brabec and 1:04 on Sunderland. The ‘aussie’, with the speed of all this Dakar (the previous one)

6:43: Brabec overtakes Petrucci

Ricky, who left 9 minutes later, has hunted Danilo on the track, he has passed him and he is gone. At the second point, at km 81, he endorses him at 9:31. The American maintains the first place also at km 40, for now

6:41: Lategan, a cmara lenta

break them

6:40: The departure of Lucio lvarez

Skidding. Goes ASO

6:38: Petrucci was going … and she was crying


6:35: Santolino starts

Lorenzo suffered yesterday and dropped positions in the motorcycle general, but he is still opting for the top 5. Today he starts far behind, 20 and with Joaquim Rodrigues, in front. It can help you grow

6:33: Surprendente Lategan

The South African reaches km 81 and does so by setting Loeb’s time: 7 seconds. Open track, for now, does not penalize you. That or that Seb is not going fine

6:32: Al-Attiyah already gives Loeb time

Nasser reaches the first point in cars and endorses Seb and Lategan 17 seconds. And it’s only the beginning

6:25 am: Sale SAINZ

Carlos starts, in position 16. Nani Roma did it in 12. Da to go back and advance a lot on the fast roads

6:23: Petrucci falls

Second every two days. Yesterday, dodging a dromedary (I even won). Today, 3 minutes into the special. He has been able to resume his march, but he already loses more than five and a half minutes with Ricky Brabec at km 40

6:21: Good morning

Like TikTok. This year the Dakar videos and networks are becoming more ‘informal’. Some like it better and others less …

6:14: The thing about the starting positions: Laia Sanz and Isidre Esteve feel mistreated

Paying is profitable. Here, explained: Laia and Esteve feel mistreated

6:11: Lategan and Loeb tie

It doesn’t usually happen, but it did. Lategan and Loeb reach the first car checkpoint and set their times. No difference. That speaks well of Henk, who opens the track

6:09: Lategan’s face

This is Henk Lategan, for everyone to put on a face. Aim high. The other one, Loeb, I think is a little better known

6:09: At night and cold

This is how the motorcycles left the camp towards the start of the special. Quite cold

6:04: Al-Attiyah starts

Nasser has the rally controlled in cars. Half an hour ahead of Loeb to manage. Today, on top of that, it paints to expand it. His ‘only’ difficulty is to temper himself so as not to get excited at looking so superior.

6:02: Howes come down

Important abandonment yesterday on motorcycles. Skyler Howes made it to the finish line, but dropped out. He fell and hit his head, among other parts of his body. He doesn’t even remember how he landed on arrival. At Husqvarna they opted for their retirement. He had made a great start to Dakar. Low sensitive

5:56: Great Dakar by Lucio lvarez

The Argentine, with a Toyota, is third overall and is shining. His co-driver is Spanish Armand Monlen, a former motorcycle racer. Today they came third after Loeb. Good behind to follow

5:53: Various strategies

Strategically, on motorcycles, Sunderland, the leader, leaves before Sanders, for two minutes, so the Australian can be a good wheel if he catches him. Barreda, if okay, and Santolino, start far behind and must come back. In cars, Loeb has already gone after Lategan. It should catch him and open a trail. That could help Al-Attiyah, who is in a position to extend his lead overall. That is if you risk, of course. Sainz start far back and with Peterhansel, behind. The Frenchman already helped him yesterday by lending him a shock absorber

5:47: Part Lategan

The cars also start at the same time. The first, Lategan, another with the difficult mission of being the spearhead

5:45: Petrucci, the pride of MotoGP, leaves

Danilo, the winner yesterday, opens the track. It will cost you, sure, but you have yesterday’s car lines to help you. The whole world has praised his feat. Especially those from MotoGP, who know him well. “Great”, write Marc Mrquez or Valentino Rossi on the networks. His goodbye, in Valencia, was obscured by coinciding with the withdrawal of The Doctor and his bad year with KTM, but in his 10 courses in the queen class he won everyone by his humility and sympathy. Indeed, it is a big one. “I wanted to make my mark in the motor world and I have. I cried like a child,” he said yesterday.

5:26 AM: Time to take off

The helicopter comes out. Let’s go

5:10: Barreda sale

As Enrique Naranjo reports from the camp in Saudi Arabia, Barreda does leave. He has a strong blow to his left shoulder from one every yesterday, but he continues.

The sixth stage of the 2022 Dakar Rally It is a second loop in Riyadh that, again, continue with the formula of separating cars, trucks, T3 and T4 on one side and motorcycles and quads on a different route. The cars will complete a route quite similar to the one that the motorcycles have done today and vice versa. The first will face 347 km. and the second at 404, enough distance to make a difference. Therefore, the track will be the same as yesterday. The motorcycles will find the traces of the cars that have passed through that area yesterday, something they are not used to. So lots of fast track for everyone, with few dunes.

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