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Skate Summer, become the king of the skateboard in the new Pandasaurus

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The publisher Pandasaurus Games has announced the publication of Skate Summer, the company will seek the necessary funding to produce the game through a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter.

Skate Summer is a board game designed for 2 to 5 players, with a recommended age from 14 years, and with games of a variable duration that ranges between 45 and 60 minutes.

Players become rival skateboarders who meet for a summer skateboarding and try to impress their friends as much as possible. Skate Summer, which unfolds across an entire city of ramps, railings and steps, has players push their luck as hard as they can before they have to quit.

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Skate Summer is a deck building game in which we will use our cards to determine the movements of our character and the tricks we want to do.

Skate Summer, become a professional skater.

Each trick corresponds to a different colored hexagon on the board, achieving more success if we match the cards with the colored hexagons. Players have their own boards, which happen to represent their character’s skateboard, on which they play their cards.

Skate Summer cards show arrows pointing left or right, which will change the direction the player’s character leans on their board and how far. Playing too many cards with arrows pointing in the same direction can cause us to fall off the table and fail to perform our trick, which will cause all the points we have scored to be erased from your board.

Players can also try to collect various letter tiles that spell the word “SU-MMER” to improve their boards, increasing their hand limit and balance ability.

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The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner. According to Pandasaurus, a version of Skate Summer with miniatures will be included in the game’s Kickstarter campaign, and the standard edition will contain meeples.

Skate Summer board game cover

Skate Summer has been created by Randy Reiman, this being the designer’s first board game. In addition to Machi Koro and Skate Summer, Pandasaurus has also published Dinosaur Island and its sequel, Dinosaur World, as well as the cooperative game The Loop and the time travel board game That Time You Killed Me.

The Kickstarter campaign to Skate Summer It will be launched on January 18, at which time we will know the different levels of patronage, as well as the delivery date of the game to patrons.

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