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SEGA is willing to abandon NFTs if a condition is met | Levelup

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Like other large companies in the industry, SEGA has an interest in NFTs. The company revealed in April that it has plans to go into business with various types of digital content that it will put up for sale.

At the same time, she is aware of the criticism and poor reception that non-fungible tokens have had among players, so she knows that her project is a double-edged sword that can benefit or harm her.

For this reason, he spoke more clearly about his intentions with the NFTs and gave good news for his detractors. SEGA is willing to abandon non-fungible tokens if things don’t go well and if its project is seen as a simple way to generate more money.

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SEGA will continue with its NFT plans, but with some precautions

During a meeting on managing their businesses in 2022, SEGA briefly spoke about their plans for non-fungible tokens. Executives made it clear that they are still thinking about the ways and a strategy to have a correct approach to this technology.

So for now SEGA has nothing decided on play-to-earn games. The main reason is that the cases where the community has reacted negatively to NFTs and blockchain games have been analyzed.

“In terms of NFT, we would like to try various experiments and we have already started many studies and have different considerations, but nothing has been decided at this time regarding P2E. [Play-to-Earn]. There have been many announcements about this abroad, but there are users who are showing negative reactions at the moment, ”SEGA noted.

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The company stressed that it will carefully analyze the panorama before acting, in order to avoid a bad reception by the players. On the other hand, he mentioned that he will not betray his values ​​in favor of the NFTs, so they are willing to abandon them in case they are not well received or are seen as a simple way to generate more profits.

“We will consider it further if this leads us to our mission ‘Create Constant, Captivate Forever’, but if it is perceived as a simple profit of money, we would like to make the decision not to continue,” concluded SEGA.

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In this link you will find more news about SEGA and its games. On this page you can learn more about NFTs and their arrival in the industry.

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