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Sebastian Stan reveals his favorite Marvel movie and show of 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan opens up about which of the variety of MCU movies and TV shows in 2021 were his favorites.

Sebastian Stan, known for playing the Winter Soldier for Marvel Studios, reveals his favorite MCU 2021 movie and TV show. The star first joined the ever-blooming superhero franchise in 2011 on Captain America the First Avenger as Steve Rogers’ best friend, Bucky Barnes. Following his character’s resurrection as a HYDRA-controlled brainwashed assassin, Stan has reprized the role multiple times as an associate of the Avengers, before appearing alongside Anthony Mackie early last year on the Disney + series. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Despite the continuing impact of the global pandemic on the entertainment industry, 2021 was undeniably a good year for Marvel in terms of production volume. With no fewer than five original TV series premiering alongside four blockbuster movies, it was a year that introduced a host of new characters to the MCU, as well as the hugely ambitious and world-shattering multiverse plot. Since then, this intense succession of new releases has paid off for the studio, with more than a quarter of the total US box office in 2021 comprised solely of Marvel releases.

As such, given the myriad of new entries into the multi-million dollar franchise, the inevitable discussion of which one deserves top spot on the year’s best lists is sure to emerge. Speaking in an interview with about his next movie The 355, Stan is finally on the receiving end of said question. It seems like it wasn’t a point she had to consider too much though, as she confidently answered in favor of two female-led MCU properties:

Oh listen, I really liked WandaVision. For me, that was a series that I really liked because I thought it was such a different world and such a different vision of those characters, and also of what they had done before with them. So I really liked it and then, you know, Black Widow is obviously always going to have a soft spot in my heart… there are some action sequences that are just insane.

Stan’s initial choice may not come as much of a surprise to many. The visually and tonally different WandaVision It proved to be a huge hit for the MCU, earning Marvel its first Emmy Award, and its unique approach to the episodic format marked as strong an opening to the year as the studio could have wished for. And while the long-awaited solo outing of Scarlett Johansson’s founding Avenger may not have achieved the same level of critical acclaim, it’s clear that Winter Soldier was captivated by the film’s balance between a strong emotional core and its fight scenes. effortless athletic. However, Stan also admits that he has yet to see all of Marvel’s production in 2021, and that he has yet to see both. eternal Y Spider-Man: No Way Home. So while you certainly have no doubts as to which are your current favorites, you are well aware that this is not a fully authoritative opinion until you have fully caught up.

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It’s always very interesting to hear what the cast members think about other entries in the franchises they are a part of, especially one as diverse as the MCU. Stan’s response invites further speculation about what he will do with the two remaining films on his list, and if there is any chance that any of them will shift his current options for the best of the year. Either way, though, it’s comforting to know that, while Stan’s involvement in the MCUThe future remains uncertain, his passion for the superhero franchise as a fan is as ardent as his devotion to it as an actor.

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