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REPORT: Mobile RPGs Already Generating Billions of Dollars | Levelup

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RPG is one of the genres that has accompanied the video game industry for decades and one of its advantages is that it can be adapted not only to the times but also to technological change, ensuring that regardless of the device or hardware, we have a great epic adventure to live. In the case of mobile devices, RPGs have found their most lucrative niche in them, already recording billions of dollars in revenue.

RPGs are experiencing unprecedented success on mobile

The rise of mobile games represented the construction of the most successful sector of the industry in financial terms, currently it is the one that registers the most income and profits, leaving behind PC and much more than consoles. This has been taken advantage of by different genres that lend themselves to adapt the experience to this type of device, such as RPGs that according to the firms Newzoo and Pangle registered only in 2020, revenues of $ 18,500 million.

According to the report that accounts for the success of mobile RPGs, the success is such that in that year it contributed 21.3% of the total revenue generated by the sector.

Likewise, the information indicates that the large numbers registered by mobile RPGs have been possible thanks to the reception of the Asian public, fans of the genre, who represent 72% of the global income of the genre in the sector.

In this sense, the countries that contribute the most to the cause are China, with $ 7,800 million, Japan with $ 3,460 million and South Korea with $ 2,000 million.

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