Friday, December 9

Rainbow Six Extraction and Siege coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day, Ubisoft + also on the way

Prior to the release of Rainbow Six Extraction on January 20, the Xbox Wire Twitter page officially announced that the game would be coming to Game Pass on the same day. Anyone who already has an Xbox Game Pass subscription for the console, PC, or Ultimate edition will play it on launch day. Rainbow Six Siege will also be available the same day.

The announcement provides a solid foundation for eager Rainbow Six Extraction players ahead of launch day. The tactical one to three player PvE shooter will greatly reinforce careful gameplay and encourage everyone to work together to stay alive while facing an alien threat.

Rainbow Six Extraction is coming to Game Pass, but Rainbow Six Siege will also be added. The two may have similar names but they are markedly different from each other. Siege features two teams of four players who battle each other as they attempt to complete specific objectives, with each player using a hero with unique powers, weapons, and abilities. We can expect similar abilities, weapons, and tactics to appear in Rainbow Six Extraction, with a more focus on PvE combat.

While Rainbow Six Extraction and Siege coming to Game Pass are the big announcements, Ubisoft has also teased that its subscription platform, Ubisoft +, is targeting the platform. Unfortunately, we do not have any concrete details on how it will work and how players will benefit from this partnership.

Still, it could be something similar to what happened between EA and Xbox regarding EA Play, which just means that more games are expected to make their way to Game Pass owners. We’ll hear more details in the future on what this means and what kind of benefits Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get.

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Rainbow Six Extraction launches January 20 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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