Wednesday, October 5

NuezWare presents Rain in the Abyss • Console and Dashboard

NuezWare already has a new project underway: Rain in the Abyss. It is defined as a ‘metroidvania’ with elements of a ‘survival horror’, which invites you to discover a story marked by magic and sadness.


This title, inspired by Bloodborne Y Metal Slug, will seek financing in Kickstarter coming soon. The idea is to reach PC, through Steam, and the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.

We will move through a plot of overcoming that follows an ancient prophecy. A total drought wreaks havoc on the sacred lands of Huapalli. As a consequence, the inhabitants are on the brink of extinction.

As the only hope, the descendant of a marginalized tribe appears that does not need water to survive. Thus, our protagonist will be the only one capable of bring the lands back to life before it’s too late. Along the way, he will face multiple threats, either with his bare hands or with the help of his crossbow.

He will search for minerals, food and items, with which to make powerful artifacts. The final bosses will be part of the pixelated adventure, with the challenge they pose. The way to gain agility goes through the unlocking of special movements. The equipment will allow us to personalize the experience, adapting it to our style of play.

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