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Nobody Saves the World, from the creators of Guacamelee!, Arrives January 18

DrinkBox Studios, the creators of the award-winning platforms Guacamelee!, have announced the release date of their next title, Nobody Saves the World. The cooperative action RPG will reach PC, Xbox Series y Xbox One the January 18 of 2022, and be included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass from its release. You can check out the new trailer below.

With a tone, premise and audiovisual section as comical as those of Guacamalee! and its sequel, in Nobody Saves the World players will meet a ARPG where will they have to help the strange inhabitants of the world. For this, you will have to unlock different transformations: Rat, Robot, Ghost, Dragon, Rogue, Slug and many others. To each one, the orders of the NPCs will vary.

We will have to overcome procedurally generated changing dungeons that will become more difficult and complex as more forms are obtained, since the unlocking of transformations will allow combining skills. Thus, there will be up 80 different powers and you can make crazy combinations, such as an Egg that leaves a trail of slime (Slug) and shoots fireballs (Dragon).

The whole adventure can be played in online cooperative with another player. In addition, after the game credits a mode will be activated New Game + with more powerful enemies and dungeons with added difficulty modifiers. The title will be translated into Spanish from Hispanoamrica (according to Steam, not Spain) and have a soundtrack composed by Jim Guthrie (Below, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP).

Another release for Xbox Game Pass in January

2022 starts strong for Xbox Game Pass. In addition to the title at hand, this Wednesday it was announced that Rainbow Six Extraction It will also debut on subscription service on January 20. They are added during the first half of the month Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Outer Wilds, Spelunky 2 and five other titles.

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