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Minecraft: They discover that frogs can eat goats

More than a decade after its official launch and breaking record after record of players and viewers, developer Mojang continues to add content to Minecraft, the game of survival and procedural construction available on all computers, consoles and mobile devices. The latest update for the Trial version of the Bedrock Edition for Windows 10/11 includes, among other things, two types of animals: frogs and goats. And they are not behaving very realistically.

The user of the subreddit dedicated to Minecraft “JamesLovesTV” posted a video that has gone viral: when using the developer tool to place frogs and goats, the former eat the latter with a single lick. This is probably a mistake, but the vast majority of the more than 970 comments made to the publication They ask that it not be corrected the assumption bug, report from GameRant.

In fact, in the Mojang official website On January 6, a user posted a ticket calling this situation an error. The developers have not responded yet to this supposed problem that seems to affect only the let beta from Mincraft: Bedrock Edition, but the comments are similar to what you see on Reddit. “Please don’t fix this”says one of the players. “I confirm it [que ocurre]. Lol, “says another.

In a game normal there will rarely be frogs and goats in the same space

As explained from the aforementioned media, the truth is that in a normal game it is very strange that frogs and goats are seen in the same place. While the amphibians inhabit swampy areas and areas with low height, goats only appear in the mountains (which, along with the caves, were remodeled in 2021). Quiz Mojang, in response to the community’s response, keep the assumption bug. Let’s remember that one of the most characteristic creatures of the game, the Creepers, arose due to a mistake with the pigs of the title.

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