Monday, December 5

Melandri, positive covid and explodes: “Our rights no longer exist”

Marco Melandri It has exploded after testing positive for coronavirus, making it public on social networks and verifying the comments that it provoked.

The former 250cc world champion in 2002 and runner-up in the MotoGP world in MotoGP, is now a commentator on DAZN Italia and posted a photo of the positive test on his Instagram account, accompanied by a text in which he wants to make his position clear . Y Hit the Italian authorities hard.


As dice: “I am infected having a second dose. What would have happened if I didn’t have it? For me, there are only positives and negatives. There are no distinctions and the passing of events says it, as well as that our rights no longer exist. If you do it right, they leave you a green card (Covid passport in Spain) where you have the ‘benefit’ of being able to work and study. Are we kidding? I have positioned myself against the green card and have been defined as a ‘denier’, ‘anti-vaccine’ or ‘flat-earther’. I’m not one of those things, but I just want the freedom of choice as our Constitution wants, it would even want it. “

The 39-year-old ex-driver goes further. “Turn off the television, the radio and other things. Go outside and enjoy nature. See it with your own eyes and think with your head. You will realize that life goes on. I, anyway, always be free. When at night I look in the mirror, I have nothing to reproach myself and I know that I can sleep peacefully “, he concludes.

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