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Meet Project Sophia, Razer module with PC and all in one | Levelup

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One of the attractions of CES is the number of devices that take advantage of the latest technological advances and that show part of the future of the user experience. In the case of the use of PCs for entertainment and standard production purposes, Razer has followed suit with the unveiling of Project Sophia, a kit that includes PCs and a module that brings together everything you need to play, stream and produce.

All in one, this is Razer’s Project Sophia

During its participation in CES 2022, Razer surprised with the presentation of Project Sophia, an all-in-one team that offers the user all kinds of options to meet their needs in terms of gaming or content creation. Strictly speaking, what we find in Project Sophia is a piece similar to a glass table but that is actually a panel with touch technology with a monitor and speakers at the bottom and in the middle. This panel displays a user interface with up to 13 modules and different configuration options according to the user’s needs.

Razer’s Project Sophia

Razer thought of all the settings the user requires to play, produce and stream

Razer’s Project Sophia offers 4 settings, The Gamer to cover the gaming experience; The Creator designed for content creation; The Streamer with everything you need for The WFH broadcasts ready to improve productivity.

Through the Razer Project Sophia panel it is possible to have full control of the audiovisual section, system performance, resource management, Internet connection performance, optimal power management, multimedia controls and of course also it has a section for keyboard shortcuts.

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According to Razer, Project Sophia is powered by Intel and Nvidia and promises cutting edge technology to deliver the ultimate experience, at least in these times.

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