Wednesday, December 7

‘MasterChef Junior’ already has a winner

Lninth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’, the popular culinary talent show of TVE, has come to an end and already has a winner. Guillem, Olivia, Carla and Ariel They faced each other in the grand finale of the program, a very emotional and exciting event in which the former was proclaimed the great winner: William received a financial award from 12.000 euros and a four-day course in the Basque Culinary Center.

The finalists carried out various tests to determine who was the best in this ninth edition of the contest. In the first, everyone must follow the dictation of the culinary instructions of the illustrious chef Berasategui, By which William he already won his ticket towards the end of ‘MasterChef Junior’.

From then on, the rest of the participants, Olivia, Carla and Ariel, they must face each other to qualify for the final duel. In this test, the objective was to cook for the contestants of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’ in an idyllic setting: the Catalan town of Cadaqus. Carla got to be the second finalist of the program.

Emotional ending

The decisive crossing was hotly contested and both she and William They signed dishes of a high level. The judges were delighted with their work and praised the quality of both. Anyway, even though his level was very high, he could only win one and it was William the one who was proclaimed the winner of this ninth edition.

The barcelons were very excited after his victory: “It is amazing, it is a dream come true. I am the happiest person in the world and I have no words to thank ‘MasterChef’ allowing me to enjoy this magical experience. “

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