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Married At First Sight: Why Fans Are Already Ripped By Season 14’s Lindsey

Lindsey is a newlywed in Married At First Sight season 14. While some fans view Lindsey as a mess, others relish her new identifiable persona.

Another season of Married at first sight means there’s another husbands and wives team for fans to analyze, and viewers are already split on season 14 cast member Lindsey. Even before reaching the altar, many of the experimental dating show’s critical fans are forming opinions about Lindsey, but fans can’t seem to come to a definitive conclusion about the future wife’s character. From claims she’s a mess to finding her like a breath of fresh air, here’s why Married at first sightThe audience is already divided over Lindsey.

As cast members of the past 13 seasons of the reality television franchise well know, Married at first sightThe fan base is full of passionate viewers with many opinions. Unfortunately for season 14’s honeymoon team, season 13 has turned many of the series’ fans into cynics. Throughout the run of season 13, viewers found qualities in almost every husband and wife that they didn’t like. On top of that, none of the paired couples stayed together for more than a couple of months after the reunion, reinforcing the daunting theory that some newlyweds join the dating show as an attempt to gain fame rather than an opportunity to fall in love. The cast of season 14 has the herculean task of regaining the audience’s trust.

Apart from the fact that he is 34 years old and hopes Married at first sightRelationship experts find a man she can spend the rest of her life with, fans knew next to nothing about Lindsey before she made her screen debut in the season 14 premiere. Viewers were quick to react to it. Lindsey’s controversial introduction to the reality series. In her opening moments on the series, Lindsey shows off her unconventional personality when she confesses to drinking bottles of champagne and misplacing her vows before meeting her husband, Mark, 37, at the altar. Many fans found Lindsey’s drunken behavior discouraging and evidence that season 14 will not be a return to the way viewers had hoped. In response to Lindsey’s dramatic entrance, a Reddit User joked “It’s nice to be able to keep warm by the fire in the dump that appears to be season 14.”

Many Married at first sight Fans agree that Lindsey is a red flag. Viewers fear there will be less emphasis on newlyweds seeking true love in the upcoming season. TO critical fan summarized the negative reactions to Lindsey, writing, “She looks really horrible.” While many fans find the Lindsey show an alarming preview of the upcoming season, others are even more excited about the new chapter in the dating series thanks to the inclusion of the Bostonian. Some viewers think of Lindsey’s mess as a refreshingly identifiable change of pace. A commentator confessed “If … I got married at first sight, I’d probably have to take an injection or two beforehand.” Other user supported Lindsey’s actions, proclaiming, “She’s all a ** HUMOR.” Overall, Lindsey’s performance is a mixed bag as a spectator said prominently, “It’s even worse and better than I initially thought.”

Lindsey’s journey in Married at first sight it’s only just started, but has already managed to become the talk of the fans. From some viewers who think that Lindsey’s careless disposition represents everything that is bad about the franchise to others excited about the new energy she will bring to the series, fans are still not sure how to digest Lindsey. Regardless of the impression you leave on Married at first View‘s audience, Lindsey is sure to make season 14 unforgettable.

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